April 29, 2012 20:00 ET

A Rising Photo-Sharing App in Asia, KTH's '' Releases Infographic, Showing Its Global Growth

Average of 47 Thousand Uploads per Day From Over 270 Different Cities in the Past 60 Days Since Its Release

Kulala Lumpur Tops the Most Number of Photo Uploads, Followed by Bangkok and Hong Kong

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--(Marketwire - Apr 29, 2012) - ',' a photo-sharing app incorporated with emotion-tagging features, is a rising star among many Asian countries.

Korean smart mobile company KTH (CEO Jung-Soo, Seo) published an infographic that analyzed traces and trends of its global users in the past 60 days. It gives visual information of the geographic regions and user patterns of is a photo-sharing SNS released on February 13th of this year for both iOS and Android devices. It can create variety of photos with its exclusive filters and multi-layout feature, and users can also tag their current emotion, music, and location with their photos, making their photos more unique and meaningful.

Over 2.8 million photos have been uploaded on during the past 60 days since its release, with an average of 47 thousand photos being uploaded each day.

Approximately 270 different cities all around the world are using, and the top 5 cities with the most number of photo-uploads are: Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia, Bangkok, capital of Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Los Angeles. Aside from this record, is also used in many other diverse cities, including Pyongyang, Dali, capital of East Timor, Havana, capital of Cuba, and may other cities in the Antarctic and Oceania, representing its global popularity.

Asia tops the most number of photos uploaded among all continents, with the proportion as followed: Asia 77%, North America 14%, Europe 4%, and Oceania 2%. provides after-effect filters that allow users to revise their previous photos from their camera roll. Out of the 13 filters that provides, 'I'm 17' filter, which makes the photos look brighter and the models look younger, was selected as the most popular filter, followed by 'Venice' and 'Bokeh.' Also, the top 3 most commonly used #tags were 'love,' 'puddingcamera,' and 'me.'

Se-Jung Yoon, KTH Project Manager, stated that "While many users are concerned about the changes that may happen to Instagram after its integration with Facebook, is recognized as a great substitute for it." She also mentioned that " gained over half a million users within a week after its launch, with approximately 1.8 million users at the present. It is expanding its user base with Asia laid as the groundwork of its growth."


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