October 04, 2016 09:15 ET

RIVANNA Awarded $1.5M NIH Grant for Rapid Ultrasound-Based 3D Bone Fracture Assessment in the Emergency Department

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA--(Marketwired - October 04, 2016) - RIVANNA, an innovative medical-device company that develops unconventional ultrasound technologies announces today that it has received a $1.5M award from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The award, which was granted through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, funds the development and clinical validation of RIVANNA's proprietary BoneEnhance™ image reconstruction technology applied to rapid 3D fracture detection in the Emergency Department.

Long wait times in the Emergency Department are widely acknowledged to result in poor health outcomes due to lack of timeliness and inability to administer treatment. RIVANNA's innovative 3D fracture detection technology, based on BoneEnhance™, is being commercialized under the NIH award to expedite care delivery within the Emergency Department and lower the risk of health complications associated with delays in treatment.

BoneEnhance™ is a technology innovation that allows medical ultrasound to visualize bone anatomy with performance more similar to X-ray. It is currently available on the Accuro™ handheld image-guidance platform, which is the world's first ultrasound-based system specifically designed to aid anesthesia providers effortlessly apply spinal and epidural anesthesia.

"RIVANNA is dedicated to bringing about major medical device advancements and not incremental ones," says RIVANNA Chairman and CEO Will Mauldin. "This significant award from NIH will accelerate product development efforts for our next generation 3D fracture detection platform, which is powered by RIVANNA's proprietary BoneEnhance™ technology."

ABOUT ACCURO Accuro, by RIVANNA, is the world's first ultrasound-based system specifically designed to help anesthesia providers effortlessly apply spinal and epidural anesthesia. Accuro's revolutionary image-guidance platform features SpineNav3D™, which automates measurements of the spinal midline, epidural depth and trajectory; and BoneEnhance™, a technology innovation designed to visualize bone landmarks, making it easier and faster (compared to conventional ultrasound) to interpret the underlying image. Accuro supports a sterile environment for optimal patient safety. For anesthesia providers, certainty can be effortless with Accuro.

ABOUT RIVANNA MEDICAL Rivanna Medical, located in Charlottesville, Virginia, is the innovative medical-device company that imagined, engineered and commercialized Accuro. Addressing the last frontier of image guidance in anesthesia, Rivanna Medical's revolutionary application of automated 3D-navigation technology to ultrasound imaging of the spine gives anesthesia providers an intuitive extension of their hands to precisely administer epidural and spinal anesthesia. This proprietary imaging device is FDA 510(k)-cleared for spinal-anesthesia guidance and a variety of additional imaging applications. For information about the easy-to-use Accuro or the medical-device company RIVANNA, please visit

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