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November 10, 2010 13:01 ET

Riverbed Expands Into Cloud Storage Market With Innovative Acceleration Solution

Whitewater Allows Enterprises to Overcome the Top Barriers to Cloud Storage

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - November 10, 2010) - Riverbed Technology (NASDAQ: RVBD), the IT performance company, today introduced the Riverbed Whitewater™ appliance, a cloud storage accelerator targeting backup and select archive workloads. By extending its award-winning acceleration and deduplication capabilities to cloud storage, Riverbed® will provide organizations with a fast, secure and cost-efficient method to seamlessly integrate cloud storage into their existing backup infrastructure and disaster recovery (DR) strategies, without sacrificing security.

For today's enterprises, with an ever-growing volume of data, having reliable backup infrastructure and disaster recovery strategies is critically important. Current strategies typically combine local disk backup with other forms of long-term storage such as VTL or tape. While these strategies are valuable, they are complex, challenging to manage, and require high capital expenditures. Enterprises are looking to enrich their data protection strategies further with cloud storage, enabling them to securely move data off-site without investing in a secondary data center, accelerate recovery times, drive down the cost of backup, and pay for storage only as they need it. The Whitewater appliance will initially provide a simple, efficient way to offsite data to cloud storage environments powered by EMC® Atmos®, AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service(SM) and Amazon S3.

"To date in 2010 Gartner has had numerous conversations with storage users and buyers, and the issues of cost, complexity and capability are the top recurring themes," said Dave Russell, research vice president at Gartner. "Companies worldwide are looking at cloud storage as a potential solution to help them deliver improved recovery capabilities, that are easy to deploy and manage, all while containing costs. The industry is in a state of backup refresh and redesign."

Accelerate Cloud Storage
It is no secret that the explosive growth in data presents difficult challenges for organizations. Along with the other challenges of storage growth, organizations are plagued by slow recovery times when attempting to restore data from offsite locations. The Whitewater appliance will work without any changes to enterprises' existing backup software to securely accelerate and deduplicate data to the cloud, and enable fast restore from off-site facilities at any time. Enterprises testing the Whitewater appliance have experienced backup windows 35-40 percent shorter while completing full weekly backups, compared to their existing disk backup infrastructure.

To improve DR, restore speeds will also be accelerated with the Whitewater appliance, leveraging Riverbed's core competency in performance optimization over the network. In performance tests conducted by analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group, restores from the cloud were executed with highly compressed ZIP files restoring at approximately 13 MB/sec, while deduplication-friendly vmdk files restored at a rate of 47 MB/sec with the Whitewater appliance.

"For our organization, cloud-based storage eliminates tape handling and the need to monitor and maintain local disk space. The elimination of this process saves us time and money when managing our storage systems," said Jeff Rountree, global network manager at Pump Solutions Group, a provider of a broad array of pump technologies to a variety of industries throughout the world. "Whitewater gives us flexibility in how and where we can recover data -- we get local-like restore of any backup, and the ability to restore data instantly to any other site in the case of a disaster. With Whitewater, cloud storage becomes more efficient and accessible. Most importantly, we now have near-unlimited storage space -- no longer do we need to deal with multiple volumes of disk or tapes for our data protection needs."

Deduplicate and Optimize Cloud Storage
Riverbed is extending its industry-proven deduplication to at-rest storage. Riverbed deduplication, which has been deployed in over 8,700 organizations, made replication more efficient than in the past by reducing the amount of data that is transferred between datacenters. Now, the Whitewater appliance will extend those industry-leading deduplication capabilities to cloud storage, cutting the cost of data backup and disaster recovery by reducing the cost of storage consumed as well as the bandwidth requirements for moving backup data into and out of the cloud. 

"We have a positive longstanding relationship with Riverbed and its solutions. To date, we've used the Steelhead® appliances to accelerate our IT infrastructure across 15 geographically distributed branch offices. We've looked into developing a disaster recovery strategy in the past but have found the ownership of a secondary data center and its operation to be cost-prohibitive," said Mitchel G. Weinberger, IT manager at GeoEngineers. "Utilizing cloud storage makes economic sense for our organization. Since Whitewater uses Riverbed's core deduplication technology to reduce our overall data footprint in the public cloud, the costs of disaster recovery are decreased dramatically. With the Whitewater appliance the initiative to implement a disaster recovery strategy has become feasible -- where before it wasn't even an option."

Secure Data in Cloud Storage Environments
Enterprises are stretched to deliver ever-increasing amounts of data, all while controlling their spending and meeting high standards of data protection. A recent conference poll* from Gartner asked attendees to identify their biggest concerns regarding cloud storage. Out of 62 attendees, 59% of storage buyers listed security as their number one concern.

To enable organizations to meet data protection requirements, the Whitewater appliance will leverage an innovative key management system that allows enterprises to carefully manage data security and at the same time allows flexibility to restore into any location. By encrypting data on-site, in-flight, as well as in the cloud using 256-bit AES encryption and SSL v3, the Whitewater appliance provides a dual layer of encryption that ensures that any data moved into the cloud is not compromised, and it creates a complete end-to-end security solution for cloud storage. 

Ease and Flexibility When Addressing Cloud Storage
No Changes to Storage Operations, Technology or Systems. The Whitewater appliance will offer enterprises secure, accelerated DR in the cloud without forcing them to change their current storage systems. To take advantage of cloud storage in its current state, many backup applications would have to be rewritten. The Whitewater appliance will simply act as a target for an organization's current backup software, requiring no expensive integration or complex configuration. Customers have been able to set up the Whitewater appliance and start moving data to the cloud in a few hours, compared to setting up tape infrastructure which can take days.

In addition, the Whitewater appliance integrates seamlessly with existing backup software, ensuring that enterprises can utilize cloud storage without any changes to their fine-tuned backup software and processes. Organizations get the flexibility to use multiple backup software tools, or switch between tools at some point in the future, without any impact to their Whitewater environment.

Eliminating Vendor Lock-in. Regardless of the back-end or front-end systems used by an organization for its backup strategy, the Whitewater appliance integrates seamlessly with cloud storage environments powered by EMC® Atmos®, AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service(SM) and Amazon S3, allowing the flexibility to choose from multiple cloud vendors. By providing support for various cloud storage vendors, Whitewater provides enterprises the flexibility to choose the cloud storage solution that meets their requirements for DR, service level agreements and cost. Because of the Whitewater appliance's built-in encryption capabilities, customers can feel secure in transitioning between different cloud vendors should the need to do so arise in the future. Additionally, through the EMC® Atmos® partner ecosystem, service providers can now take advantage of the Riverbed Whitewater appliance to offer their customers a secure, easy, cost-efficient cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution.

Cutting the Costs of Data Protection
Whitewater will allow enterprises to easily take advantage of cloud vendors' pay-as-you go model, instead of making capital expenditures upfront such as data center investments. This model offers enterprises greater flexibility to grow or shrink their data capacity as needed, without any sunk costs. This model also allows organizations to scale according to demand and invest in more projects simultaneously, all without having to plan capacity, investments or manpower. The Whitewater appliance will make backup to the cloud easy and affordable by optimizing data transfers and data storage with production-proven technology, in an easy-to-deploy pre-integrated appliance form factor with a predictable cost model. 

"Organizations worldwide are seeking ways to easily, quickly and cost-effectively ensure that their data is appropriately protected. For years, our customers have depended on Riverbed to accelerate their DR capabilities in private cloud environments, so it seemed like a natural fit for us to address their needs as they look to address storage in the public cloud," said Apurva Davé, vice president of product marketing at Riverbed. "The Whitewater appliance will initially enable organizations to take advantage of cloud storage environments powered by EMC® Atmos®, AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service(SM) and Amazon S3 -- by applying our core acceleration and deduplication capabilities in a cost-effective, secure and flexible manner. Organizations will be able to leverage cloud storage in a way that was not previously possible."

Availability: The Riverbed Whitewater appliance is expected to be generally available in Q4 2010.
*Gartner, Inc. 2009 Data Center Conference Poll Results: Cloud Storage, Adam W. Couture, 21 January 2010.

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