February 23, 2011 08:55 ET

Rivvid, LLC Announces the Launch of Rivvid, the New Online Video Game, and Rivvid Channels for Marketing Brand Specific Content

New Video Trivia Website Challenges Viewers' Awareness in Fun Match Against Time; Providing 15-Second Video Clips Followed by Simple Questioning About What They Just Watched

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - February 23, 2011) - Rivvid, LLC, an internet video trivia gaming company headquartered in Miami, Fla., recently announced the launch of Rivvid (, a new online video trivia game designed to test users' cognitive awareness in a fun match against time. Rivvid, which is free to play, serves up 15-second video clips at random before testing the viewer on what they just watched in a time restricted, multiple choice style Q & A session. The company has also unveiled Rivvid Channels -- a social media tool for enabling companies of all types to drive interaction and engage consumers around brand related video trivia content, designed to educate, influence, and create buzz.

"Rivvid is simple, yet addictively challenging," Chris Hubert, CEO and founder of Rivvid, explains. "Rivvid's trivia process requires you to pay close attention to every detail of the video content you're watching. With our Quick Play feature, you never know what you'll be watching next or what you'll be asked about the video displayed. With the content constantly changing in a fast paced game show format, Rivvid keeps you on your toes... if you count on winning, that is."

Rivvid Channels is an influential social media marketing tool that provides brands with a first-of-its-kind platform for engaging consumers around controlled video content and brand messaging. With Rivvid Channels, companies of all types can effectively put their video assets to use by integrating them into Rivvid's video trivia platform. By dictating the trivia questions to be asked, companies can create customized brand experiences that engage consumers; providing intimate experiences with their brand(s).

Rivvid Channels features custom channel branding, customizable sidebar widgets, the ability to upload your own videos and much more. With packages ranging from free to $30 and up, any company can benefit from Rivvid Channels cost effective marketing solutions.

In addition, Rivvid offers targeted advertising to organizations seeking access to their growing user base. For more information on Rivvid, visit

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Rivvid LLC's mission is to provide an engaging, family-friendly online gaming experience while providing a unique and customized vehicle for brands and celebrities to market to and educate their consumers.

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