SOURCE: RNA Networks

June 22, 2009 07:00 ET

RNA Networks Broadens Reach of Memory Virtualization Platform With RNAcache

Drop-In Software Solves Memory Limitations, Transparently Delivers Huge Application Performance Gains

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - June 22, 2009) - RNA networks, the leader in memory virtualization software, today announced it has extended its Memory Virtualization Platform (MVP) product family with the release of RNAcache. MVP transforms server memory into a shared network resource. RNAcache allows servers to leverage RNA's unlimited pool of memory by loading entire working datasets into a single shared, virtual memory pool for simultaneous access and processing. RNAcache significantly lowers the cost of supporting business critical, memory-intensive applications without making further investments in costly data center equipment, enabling companies to wring as much revenue potential out of existing servers as possible.

"We're seeing a flurry of announcements that attempt to address the critical need for access to more memory. However, many of these approaches require the adoption of proprietary or expensive hardware, or changes to software," said John Barr, Research Director for Financial Markets at leading analyst firm The 451 Group. "But RNAcache takes the concept of memory virtualization to a new level by making memory a shared resource through software. This adds value to both the IT organization and the business -- by delivering great performance increases from unmodified applications."

Broadly applicable to a variety of industries, RNAcache provides line speed processing of the most memory intensive and I/O bound applications including predictive analytics and modeling, high volume Internet applications and clustered environments without requiring changes to applications, OS or storage.

An investment management firm using RNAcache said, "With RNAcache, our analytic models that previously took 1.5 hours ran in a matter of minutes -- showing a 2,000 percentage performance improvement." In this case, RNA's unlimited memory pool held a working dataset of 3 Terabytes across hundreds of compute nodes.

"With RNAcache enterprises can take advantage of a transparent solution for application acceleration that maximizes the revenue potential of today's data center," said Clive Cook, CEO, of RNA networks. "RNAcache contributes to business growth and success as measured by the top line results of a company's P&L statement. Our software has shown repeatedly how enterprises can grow revenue, add customers and capture business opportunities by directly solving application server memory limitations and I/O challenges."

RNAcache: Analytics, Simultaneous Users, Clusters and Clouds

RNAcache works in all network environments including GbE, 10GbE, and InfiniBand. RNAcache removes data center bottlenecks caused by contention for application memory, the most scarce and limited resource in the data center. During customer testing, RNAcache significantly enhanced performance in the following use cases:

--  Predictive Analytics and Modeling: improved predictive modeling
    capabilities by 20X, delivering results to analysts in a fraction of the
--  High Volume, Fast Internet Applications: improved query speed 100X,
    increased simultaneous user capacity 5X and expanded customer revenue
    opportunities each business day.
--  Clustered Environments: A high performance cloud provider accelerated
    processing rates by 30X, without having to scale out their hardware, power
    or space footprint.

The rate of proliferation and amount of data that must be quickly analyzed, shared and interpreted is growing exponentially. RNAcache makes the benefits of memory virtualization widely available to customers in industries who rely on access, performance and scale to remain competitive -- be it video streaming or algorithmic model processing.

About RNA networks

RNA networks' memory virtualization technology transforms server memory into a shared network resource based on the company's flagship Memory Virtualization Platform. The platform creates a memory pool that makes vast quantities of virtual memory available to any server -- turning memory into a shared networked resource across the entire data center. RNA networks products include RNAmessenger for low latency applications, and RNAcache for large working data sets. The company is based in Portland, Oregon with offices in Silicon Valley. RNA networks was founded by enterprise software and hardware industry veterans in 2006. For more information, visit