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October 16, 2009 06:00 ET

RNK Communications Launches Its MyTempNumber Application on the iPhone App Store While Google Voice Awaits

Don't Give Out Your Real Phone Number - Give Them One of Ours

DEDHAM, MA--(Marketwire - October 16, 2009) - RNK Communications®, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wave2Wave® Communications, Inc., is a regulated telephone company at both the state and federal level, recently launched MyTempNumber®, its first mobile Smartphone application. The application is available on the iPhone® App Store and can be downloaded through Apple® iTunes® and iPhone and iPod touch® devices. Once downloaded, the application allows users to select another US phone number to ring to their cell phone or any phone they choose. RNK plans to introduce MyTempNumber to all Smartphone operating systems in the near future. MyTempNumber is currently pending review in the Nokia® OVI® store and, if approved, will be available on Series 60 3rd edition and 5th edition smart phones.

MyTempNumber allows users to choose a temporary number in the continental US and have that number forwarded to their current cell or home phone. The application is simple to use and offers users a private, safe and secure means of passing out their telephone number. MyTempNumber is perfect for social networking sites or for online advertising, when users would normally be hesitant to give out their real phone numbers.

There are two versions of MyTempNumber: MTN Lite™ and MTN Pro™. MTN Lite offers users a free, but limited experience with MyTempNumber, while MTN Pro offers a full featured experience. The MTN Pro application costs a low $1.99 and the number lasts for thirty days. Within those thirty days, customers can change their temporary number as often as they like and renew it at any time, or multiple times, if they want to keep their number.

RNK plans to grow MyTempNumber into a complete suite of telecommunications services and features. In this first release of the application users are able to block individual callers they do not wish to receive by adding phone numbers to a restricted list. Some features that are planned to be added in subsequent releases are the ability to select multiple phone numbers, international phone numbers, SMS/texting, private voicemail, and find me follow me call forwarding. MyTempNumber will also provide outbound calling capabilities which, unlike Google Voice™, will not restrict users from placing calls to certain destinations.

"In developing new products and services, RNK has always focused on incorporating next generation innovation into the universally familiar telephone call," said Richard Koch, President of RNK Communications. "MyTempNumber helps address customers' privacy concerns by providing them not only with a temporary phone number, but also with a robust set of service features," Koch continued. "What sets MyTempNumber apart from its competition is that unlike Google™, for example, RNK is a regulated telephone company with over 10 years experience providing telephone service. RNK can provide underlying service functionality on its own, without any need to rely on third party providers. This translates to higher quality service and infinite possibilities for expansion."

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