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October 09, 2006 08:00 ET

RNK Telecom Chooses NexTone Intelliconnect System to Optimize Security, QoS for ReVoS Voice-Over-IP and Wholesale Voice Services

NexTone Platform Installed, Configured, and Optimized Production Services for RNK Within One Week of Receipt of Order



--  RNK Telecom®, a next-generation competitive local exchange carrier
    (CLEC) headquartered in Massachusetts, has purchased and deployed NexTone's
    IntelliConnect™ System to optimize and secure its new ReVoS family of
    direct-to-consumer Internet voice services and its RNKVoIP® family of
    wholesale services.  RNK Telecom selected NexTone over other vendors
    because of the comprehensive nature of the IntelliConnect solution, which
    provides both line-side and trunk-side security, management, and control of
    real-time services.
--  NexTone's IntelliConnect System helps RNK manage all aspects of
    network interconnects for real-time services and applications, including
    end-user policies, service connectivity, multi-vendor interoperability, and
    traffic management.  The NexTone IntelliConnect System purchased by RNK
    includes the NexTone SBC, a standalone Session Border Controller for
    securing bilateral interconnects; the NexTone MSX, a Multiprotocol Session
    Exchange platform for interconnecting SIP and H.323 networks; and the
    NexTone Real-time Session Manager (RSM), which allows RNK to dynamically
    manage and optimize its services from the network core.
--  For line-side protection, RNK has deployed the NexTone SBC in front of
    its ReVoS feature servers to protect them from security attacks and to
    handle NAT traversal for customers with devices behind firewalls.  For
    additional security, the SBC acts as a SIP proxy for the feature servers to
    prevent Denial of Service attacks and service theft.
--  On the trunk side, RNK is using the NexTone MSX as a Class 4
    softswitch to support both origination and termination of RNKVoIP wholesale
    and prepaid services, which RNK sells as private-label services to
    broadband providers, carriers, and retail distributors nationwide.
    Currently RNK supports more than 400 million minutes of VoIP traffic per
    month through its wholesale and prepaid services.
--  The NexTone RSM in the core of the RNK network provides dynamic policy
    enforcement capabilities, using NexTone's unique Dynamic Policy
    Management™ (DPM) technology.  With NexTone's DPM technology, the RSM
    can communicate with SBCs and MSX systems deployed at the edge to
    automatically control interconnects used by real-time sessions and to
    optimize service quality, availability, and network capacity.
--  Within one week of the order from RNK, NexTone was able to configure
    and integrate the solution to the RNK requirements -- including loading
    routing tables, customer and supplier rates, and creating business policies
    and rules via the NexTone RSM -- and support live, billable traffic in a
    production environment.  Additionally, NexTone's IntelliConnect system
    connected easily to RNK Telecom's existing legacy TDM and IP
--  Richard Koch, president, CEO, and co-founder of RNK - "The NexTone
    solution is ideal for RNK because it helps us both optimize margins on our
    bread-and-butter wholesale services, while enabling us to offer the highest
    quality of service and service-level agreements for our new premium ReVoS
    services.  The scalability of the modular IntelliConnect system --
    supporting both core and edge intelligence -- also makes it extremely well
    designed for RNK, which has enjoyed record growth and expansion over the
    last two years."
--  Dan Dearing, vice president of marketing, NexTone Communications -
    "There are a common set of growing pains, such as managing traffic for
    different types of sessions and managing network connectivity to multiple,
    diverse end user devices, for carriers like RNK Telecom to continue to
    integrate their traditional TDM business and VoIP models and
    infrastructures, and other real-time services.  NexTone can help carriers
    introduce new efficiencies into their wholesale service structures to
    improve margins, while at the same time delivering the kinds of visibility
    and control that are required to support higher-margin real-time services
    like VoIP."
--  Brian Partridge, senior analyst, The Yankee Group - "NexTone is well
    served by focusing on dynamic policy management and real-time session
    control because both are critical as networks evolve to next-generation

-- The NexTone IntelliConnect System

-- How Dynamic Policy Management Works

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