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Roam Simple

September 09, 2009 13:24 ET

Roam Simple Launches First Dual-Number Post-Paid World SIM Card

Leading On-Line MVNO Saves Travelers Up to 90% on International Cellular Roaming Rates

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 9, 2009) - Roam Simple (, a leading on-line Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) today launched the first dual-number post-paid World SIM Card. Through wholesale distribution agreements with some of the most respected international wireless carriers, Roam Simple is able to offer voice and data roaming at a discount to North Americans travelling internationally ( Targeted specifically towards global travelers, the World SIM Card service delivers savings of up to 90% off international roaming compared to standard carriers' international roaming rates.

This easy-to-use service is designed for the international traveler requiring a simple, convenient and inexpensive way to keep in touch when travelling. All the traveler needs to do is simply insert the World SIM card into their unlocked GSM cell phone. Prior to departure the service is automatically set up with two cellular phone numbers - an international number and a North American number with an area code of the subscriber's choosing.

This service delivers some key benefits to Roam Simple's subscriber:

- First, since each subscriber receives an international number prior to their departure, they are able to let contacts know in their country/ countries of destination, their international number. The result: lower calling costs for each international contact

- Second, since each subscriber can select a North American area code of their choosing prior to departure, it allows callers in their home area code to call them without charge (local calls in North America are free). The result: lower calling costs for each local contact

- Third, subscribers have the ability to call forward their current domestic cellular, home or office number to the Roam Simple World SIM card and they will never miss a call when overseas.

"Now, for the first time, North American travelers going abroad have the option to select a domestic area code, thus eliminating long distance charges between their home location and their destination," said Amin Jadavji, Managing Partner, Roam Simple. "And in today's very cost-conscious environment, our customers sure do appreciate the savings we're able to deliver as a result of our strong partner relationships, industry knowledge and the industry's most robust calling platform."

About Roam Simple (

Roam Simple provides international cellular service, designed to help the leisure, student and business travelers save up to 90% on their international cellular roaming charges. With a unique contract-free service, customers pay only for the airtime they use all without a contract or recurring monthly fees. All airtime charges incurred are billed to one's pre-approved credit card so Roam Simple's customers will never again worry about running out of airtime credit in a foreign country.

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