March 30, 2016 21:29 ET

Roberts Liardon -- Announces Plans to Build a New Church in Orlando

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - March 30, 2016) -  Internationally renowned author and spiritual leader, Roberts Liardon, has announced plans to build a new church in Orlando, to help strengthen the religious community within Florida and across the world. Over his lifetime, Liardon has worked at ministries across the country, spreading the word of God to those who seek comfort and advice.

Roberts Liardon founded Roberts Liardon Ministries in Orange County, California in 1990, when he started to organize a large Christian church and bible college. He encourages followers to seek motivation from God to accomplish their goals and guide people towards continuing their good work and outreach to members of the community. "Goals not inspired by heaven are foolish, God will come into your plans. But the choice is yours whether you allow him to begin it, or force him to end it," he believes.

Liardon feels a great responsibility to not only educate members on God's word, but cherish the spiritual needs of his congregation as well. "America has become a mission leader for other nations," he says, "and the citizens of this country must take this mission seriously." Together with the ministry, Robert Liardon feels the new church, which will be named Embassy Orlando, will start to successfully spread this message to people all over the world. With offices in Florida and London, England, the Roberts Liardon Ministries already has a global outreach that resonates with millions of people every day. The First and Second Meetings were held at Winter Park Community Center to present the project to supporters, as well as to introduce it to those who would like to become new members of the church, or contribute to the venture. Preparations for the expansion include a new bible college and networking opportunities across major cities in the country. By launching this new House of Worship, he hopes to increase his spiritual message and encourage followers to embrace the mission for a stronger society.

Roberts Liardon is a spiritual leader, historian, and public speaker. As a teenager, he wrote "God's Generals," for which he has become known as a leading historian in the Protestant Church. He started the ministry aged 17 after his book "I Saw Heaven", became a global success, selling over a million and a half copies. It has since grown from a small group into a global vision he shares with the world. He continues to fulfill a demanding speaking schedule, while also supporting missionary efforts globally and extending the Church's spiritual teachings. Liardon's book and DVD series, "God's Generals", which documents the lives and missions of Christian leaders, has been used as an educational tool by ministries to instruct children about historical Christian teachers and their work to spread God's word. Roberts Liardon's Home2Home Project has provided positive change to communities all over the world, and has worked diligently to educate the people of Africa about HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.

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