January 15, 2016 13:02 ET

Roberts Liardon -- Offers Guidance on How to Remove Disappointment in Healthy Minds

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - January 15, 2016) - In a recent sermon, Roberts Liardon shared with a captivated audience one of life's greatest skills: how to deal with and destroy disappointment. Throughout his career, the renowned spiritual leader, public speaker, and author has provided audiences and readers with valuable advice on how to face real life challenges and improve their relationship with God. He has achieved this by masterfully mixing his own experiences with a deep knowledge of the Scriptures. Through this teaching method, millions have learned the most effective ways to defend themselves against people and forces that would take them down the wrong path, how to avoid religious politics, and how to reject feelings of guilt.

Roberts Liardon acknowledges that the challenges we face in life sometimes have the potential to bring high levels of disappointment. One may often be tempted to think that "bad things always happen to me," but he reminds us that we all face such challenges, and it is those who learn how to deal with them that prevail. He further explains that while disappointments are often due to other people, some displeasures result from our own actions or lack thereof. We often forget the latter, as we view this as causing hurt. He clarifies that it is the undesirable results of the challenges we face, whether due to our own actions or others', that actually causes hurt. "It gives birth to disappointment, which gives birth to disillusionment, and this disconnects you from where God means to place you," Liardon explains. He concludes it is possible to break this vicious cycle and maintain a healthy mind, which does not allow distress to take hold.

While it is natural to feel disappointment, Liardon maintains that humans were not designed to hold on to these feelings. "We were not created to carry this," he expands. "We are to turn them over to Jesus. We are to uproot the regrets in our life and learn to live free." Realizing this allows us to control our attitudes and prevents us from being slaves to our likes and dislikes. While people prefer everything to happen easily and in accordance with their interests, it's important to understand they will not always do so. As he told his audience before him and watching at home in the aforementioned sermon, "Somewhere in your Christian life maturity must override your emotions." And while God is ready and waiting to free us of our disappointments, it remains dependent on each of us to recognize them, deal with them effectively, and then rid ourselves of them once and for all. "It's your job to deal with [hurt]," Liardon revealed. "You're the governor of your heart and the master of your actions -- you'll be blessed or suffer depending on what you do or don't do pertaining to these issues." To learn how to overcome the frustrations in your life and live free, you can watch Dr. Roberts Liardon's message on Destroying Disappointments.

Over his career, Roberts Liardon has sold over 15 million books worldwide, including 1.5 million copies of the bestselling "I Saw Heaven." He is also the creator of the series "God's Generals," allowing him to mark his place as a leading Protestant Church historian. Aside from the successful collection of written works, Liardon speaks publicly on many religious and spiritual topics, as well as contributing to humanitarian issues. He opened Roberts Liardon Ministries based in Sarasota, Florida, and later the Spirit Life Bible College in Irvine, California at the age of 25, to help build connections between God and humankind. The public has continuously praised his charitable efforts, as he and his peers offer leadership and assistance to people around the world who need help and inspiration.

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