December 17, 2008 15:29 ET

Robins Robins Miller and Lloyd Believes Strength Will Be Found Within Diversification

New Jersey Investment Bank Announces Its Look Into Diversifying Service and Product Offerings for the Potential of Increased Profitability

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ--(Marketwire - December 17, 2008) - Companies across the board are shutting doors and issuing pink slips due the current economic chaos; especially within the financial sector. Yet, a well-established New Jersey investment banking group is making unlikely adjustments to brave current market conditions. Robins Robins Miller and Lloyd appear to be taking a contrarian view to the current sentiments ripping through Wall Street. "Now is not the time to shudder," says Lenford L. Robins, Chairman & CEO. "This is when it's best to pioneer... seek out new territories and secure future survival through strategic growth."

Mr. Robins, a long time player on Wall Street, boasts a profitable history of deal making. Funding everything from real estate to small businesses, entertainment endeavors to equipment leasing, and even financing private jets for the very rich, Robins himself is no stranger to the financial community. However, like most successful entrepreneurs, Lenford found a niche; his, Commercial Lending.

Establishing himself within the real estate banking industry as a creditable money source, RRML, LLC (a subsidiary of Robins Robins Miller and Lloyd) quickly gained ground as a "go to" group for commercial R.E. financing. Unfortunately, like many, the increasingly depressive bind of the U.S. and global economy has caused Robins Robins Miller and Lloyd and its subsidiary to tighten its belt to ride out the current economic free fall. However, this is where Mr. Robins may differ from many. Instead of seeking refuge and protecting what remains, he and his company will look to fill spaces left by retreating firms.

"The plan is to diversify our product and service offerings in the most cost efficient way and greatly increase profitability," explains Robins. "We intend to evaluate multiple facets of the financial services industry and find where else we can play a part. The idea is to generate additional revenues by building various but synergistic profit centers that collaboratively contribute to our overall success." When asked how he sees the company diversifying in a "cost efficient way," Robins replied, "there are hordes of companies and service professionals... experts in their fields, just out there really feeling the pinch; but that's primarily because these markets aren't exactly conducive to self reliance. Once we determine what areas of the financial services industry are right for us, we intend to form alliances, merge and/or acquire the talent, experience and proven track records in each identified field. We expect that these relationships will be formed as equals and hopefully come to bare the Robins Robins Miller and Lloyd moniker. But even where this isn't the case, the joining of efforts will still be a win/win."

People close to the company are confident in Robins' leadership and anticipate the company setting its expansion agenda by the new year of 2009.

About the Company:

Robins Robins Miller and Lloyd is an investment banking group that primarily focuses on corporate finance.

RRML, a subsidiary of Robins Robins Miller and Lloyd, is a service oriented company with offices in nine states and is represented in all 50 states. Operated by Principal and Managing Partner Mr. Lenford L. Robins, RRML is experienced in providing commercial mortgage financing upwards of $25 Million; and in culmination with its chief, has closed over $500 Million in commercial loans.

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