Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

September 22, 2010 23:39 ET

Rocco Rossi Alone in Successfully Challenging Rob Ford at Debate

Mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi understands that the waste at City Hall needs to be attacked.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 22, 2010) -

Rocco Rossi was the only one to seriously challenge Rob Ford on his lack of a fiscal plan at the second "Toronto Debates" at York University hosted by the Toronto Board of Trade, Toronto City Summit Alliance, Toronto Community Foundation and the United Way tonight. 

While Joe Pantalone and George Smitherman sparred over accepting the City's debt and the amount of debt that is acceptable, Rocco Rossi stated plainly, "Just because your banker says you are good at paying your debts or minimum payments, it doesn't mean that taking on more and more debt, as the City of Toronto is doing each and every year, is good. The taxpayers have to pay the millions in interest charges. It must stop."

Rocco Rossi said that while "the waste at City Hall needs to be attacked", a position also shared by rival Rob Ford, he continued to challenge Councillor Ford on his lack of a fiscal plan. "Leadership is not just about being angry. Let's have a plan."

Mr. Rossi repeatedly outlined parts of his fiscal plan that includes paying down the debt to help fund transportation and transit to end the gridlock, freezing discretionary spending, and a creating long-term plan for economic growth.

Rob Ford would eliminate one billion dollars of tax revenue over four years but has not come clean with his planned service cuts. Mr. Ford often says that he will cut costs by cutting Council. Mr. Rossi has continually pointed out that while these "freebies" are a good start, it is not a real long-term solution: "If you eliminate all of the councillors, their staff and their free trips to the zoo, and all the freebies Councillor Ford thinks will help get our city back on firm fiscal footing - all it would add up to is .5% of the operating budget. This is not a long-term plan."

Mr. Rossi has the management experience required to end the constant cost overruns and mismanagement of taxpayer's dollars. Rocco Rossi will turn anger into action and bring fiscal credibility to City Hall.

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