Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

September 20, 2010 10:17 ET

Rocco Rossi's Attention-Grabbing Ads Kick Campaign Into High Gear

Galvanized by a four part advertising launch, Rossi mayoral campaign moves into high gear for home stretch to Election Day.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 20, 2010) - Today the Rocco Rossi team kicks off the momentum-building push toward the October 25th municipal election date with the release of print ads, radio ads, videos, and a cutting-edge new website. Toronto is being rocked by a new Rossi image that matches his bold policies.

Today's launch event gave media a preview of the campaign's new media messages.

"I thank everyone who has worked so hard to give voters the full picture of the kind of mayor I would be," said Rossi, "They've shown that a 30-second video can say just as much in its own way as a 20-minute speech."

"This is a different type of ad campaign. I'm a different type of candidate. My campaign has been about offering a different way of doing things at City Hall and offering voters the chance to elect someone different - someone from outside the tired political culture at City Hall—so we get something better for the next four years.

"With this ad launch, and our new push to coalesce voters around the only candidate who can now challenge Rob Ford, I say 'Move aside Mr. Smitherman, you had your shot. I am the only candidate who can stop Rob Ford."

The new print ads, designed by the Cundari group, are a creative take on Rocco's Italian heritage and satirize iconic Hollywood films and television series. Edgy, striking, and highly original, the ads are sure to grab the attention of Torontonians in a way campaign advertising rarely does.

The radio ads will debut in the same provocative style, speaking to voters fed up with politics-as-usual, and looking to take back City Hall. Aldo Cundari, the ad agency's principal, said, "We are really excited about these political ads because they are so different. The creative distils the essence of what Rocco offers as a candidate: the boldness, the toughness and the determination to fix City Hall."

The third component of the launch is a series of short videos, produced by Frogwater Media, which allow voters the chance to get to know Rocco Rossi.

They are narrated by Peter Kent, who is Conservative M.P. for the Toronto-area riding of Thornhill and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of the Americas and a multiple award-winning broadcast journalist before he entered politics. As the voice of the vignettes, Kent captures the outstanding character of Rocco Rossi and provides an up-close portrait of the man campaigning to be mayor of Toronto.

The new website, led by Michael Edwards and a team of designers, represents the vanguard in multi-media participation, and encourages voters to go online and discover Rossi for themselves.

Campaign manager Bernie Morton says that the advertising launch serves as a good reminder that, "This is it: the real campaign is underway; we now begin to fire on all cylinders with the new Rossi engine working at full steam."

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