January 06, 2016 14:04 ET

Rock Argall -- and Digital Mavericks Know How to Create a Beautiful Brand Experience

SAINT PETERSBURG, FL--(Marketwired - January 06, 2016) - Barely a year old, Digital Mavericks, the world's premiere social media monetization agency founded by entrepreneur Rock Argall, is already wowing clients with its online branding acumen. The expert team, a select group of sixty digital marketing specialists, has mastered the art of branding solely through a client's online presence. This cutting-edge agency has tapped into a yet unrealized potential of social media -- developing captivating digital presence and monetizing from it.

Rock Argall and his team understand something that other branding companies have yet to grasp: The key to elevating their clients is creating an engaging online experience that speaks to real to fans. Digital Mavericks realizes this through authentic and well-designed profiles on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, where clients and followers form a fruitful partnership. As a result, fans get to participate and feel that they are a part of the brand.

Excited about the far-reaching success of his approach, Rock Argall describes this process based on his experiences working with famous clients: "The branding that we do, it is addicting, really. Watching a client become both larger than life and more personable at the same time -- they become truly magnetic to the audience. It is a magnificent process to be a part of." The beautiful branding experience is in itself a beginning of something larger for both the clients and the audience. Once a fan truly gets to know a social media figure, they become more than just audience members, they turn into devoted followers who are always there, wanting more, interested, attracted, and willing to help. It is these fans that the Saint Petersburg-based agency, Digital Mavericks, understands as the heart of their clients' marketing presence. These people will share and expand a client's network and bring the needed momentum to each and every online campaign.

Brands typically only reach two percent of their fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter (source: This is not the case with Digital Mavericks: The team of strategists has uncovered the secret to truly reaching fans through social media, official websites, and other online avenues. Rock Argall's rich and dynamic history with online business strategizing is the foundation of the agency's innovative and forward-thinking ideas. Having saved a faltering online business while still a high school student, he has continued to advance his career, starting multiple businesses and consulting companies in a variety of industries. Argall has the experience and vision to take the presence of his clients to the next level, which has lead to the astounding success of his progressive online marketing agency.

Argall is a Florida-based entrepreneur and corporate consultant who has created a far-reaching professional network, and cultivated the skills and personal experience that have helped him get to where he is today. While the social media monetization agency is his latest endeavor, Argall is known for continually keeping an eye on the future of business, seeking new, promising opportunities and helping other companies to stay on top.

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