January 15, 2016 13:00 ET

Rock Argall -- and Digital Mavericks Specialize in Targeted Marketing

SAINT PETERSBURG, FL--(Marketwired - January 15, 2016) - Online and social media marketing professional Rock Argall has announced a new breakthrough in monetization services within his company Digital Mavericks. The company serves clients through streamlined social media monetization and digital marketing services and manages high profile celebrities and sports figures, major brands, artists, musicians, and larger social groups with significant fan bases. The crux of the business focuses on the concept of targeted marketing. Public personalities oftentimes already have direct connections with their fans through social media. Now, Digital Mavericks found a way to convert the advertising revenue from these sites into an additional revenue stream for its clients.

Services at Digital Mavericks encompass a variety of critical online marketing components, including strategic planning, branding or rebranding, digital reach, online asset control, and targeted marketing. According to Rock Argall, it is the targeted marketing aspect that really defines the services his company offers: "Our team harnesses the best analytic tools in the business to better identify the people a client should reach," he remarked. "We then work with our customers on an individualized basis to plan out their branding goals, assess current results, and expand their fans and audience engagement. This engagement boosts advertising revenue potential -- and improves their overall earning power."

The concept of monetization relates directly to the social media platforms themselves. Sites like Facebook, Google, or Twitter already earn millions of dollars through advertising revenue thanks to high profile celebrity or company-based accounts. Rock Argall and his team of marketing experts assist their clients in claiming their share of this immense amount of social media revenue. "What we're really doing is giving our customers the revenue that is rightfully theirs already," Argall explained. "We help build up their fan base to even greater numbers, which brings increased revenue to their social media sites."

Results from social media monetization quickly turned Argall's business into a leader within this industry, but his declared motivation behind Digital Mavericks is building a bond with his clients. It is this type of passion and motivation that distinguishes his firm from other brand and social media management companies: "We are all about developing profitable long-term strategies with Digital Mavericks," Argall reflected. "We maintain personal relationships with people we represent and work toward better monetization success. This helps us build an atmosphere for creating lifetime allies with everyone we work with."

Known as a talented and experienced entrepreneur, Rock Argall has continued to find business success in every industry he pursues. A seasoned online marketing and monetization professional, he has accumulated close to 20 years of direct service experience across this field. His brand-building strategy has helped countless celebrities, athletes, and other high-profile clients and companies find even more success through online avenues. His latest venture, Digital Mavericks, reinvents the concept of social media brand management and monetization. Utilizing the latest in technological breakthroughs, the service connects brands to an even stronger level of social media revenue potential for even better campaign results.

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