December 25, 2015 17:42 ET

Rock Argall -- and Digital Mavericks Offer Strategic Planning to Create Strong Online Brands

SAINT PETERSBURG, FL--(Marketwired - December 25, 2015) - Digital branding is the cornerstone of any successful online monetization plan. Revenues rise and fall with the strength of brand recognition and public interaction across social media platforms, so it takes a skilled approach to ensure continued success and reliable return on investment. Internet entrepreneur and renowned corporate advisor, Rock Argall, has assembled a team of more than 60 digital marketing professionals under his company's banner, Digital Mavericks, a cutting-edge marketing agency. It works with an elite clientele of businesses, social media celebrities, sports figures, artists, and big social groups to build and maintain their fan base while leveraging that power into the success of its monetization efforts. Based in Saint Petersburg, Florida, the company has been refining a new strategy to the ever-changing world of brand awareness. 

"Every social interaction is an opportunity for incremental revenue growth," said Rock Argall, CEO of Digital Mavericks. "With diligence and an intelligent strategy, the power of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google can be mined for lucrative return. Our approach is unique in the digital world, combining intelligent marketing analytics with innovative algorithms that pay special attention to a brand's current fan base and the best methods to capture their attention. Our experienced team narrows in on the most accessible channels to capture immediate revenue, then we span out and optimize more complex strategies to solidify long-term growth and sustainability."

Digital Mavericks creates captivating, fresh and beautiful brand experiences that reach an audience on a deep and meaningful level. More than a one-time interaction, their branding solution is designed to build lasting relationships and connections with a target audience who help to grow the client's social network. Harnessing the strength and seamless integration of a brand's core identity with third party profiles is a primary facet of their approach to sustaining long-term profitability. The company owes much of its success to the exclusive and life-long relationships Argall has forged between the entertainment industry, social media platforms, and a range of key industries. His vast experience enables him to match each and every client with the right social media specialist who is dedicated to exemplary customer service and metric transparency. Clients are assigned a single point of contact through which they receive feedback and updates, and who is at their call for any questions or concerns he or she might have.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Rock Argall spent his earliest years in Canada before returning to the United States at the age of eight to finally settle down with his family in Florida. While still in high school, he launched his first business venture, saving and rejuvenating a dwindling online company, which foreshadowed his future successful career. Now a seasoned online marketing and social media monetization professional with almost two decades of experience, Argall has proven his determination in utilizing the sheer unlimited reach of the Internet to build strong brands and assist clients to reach and surpass their personal and business goals.

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