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Rock Candy Media

October 24, 2012 11:20 ET

Rock Candy Media Enters World of Software

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - Oct 24, 2012) - Rock Candy Media, a design and marketing firm, had a restaurant client that needed a better way to manage its inventory of perishables across multiple locations. After fulfilling the immediate client need using the development team on staff, the firm decided to take the plunge into software development. Today they announce the release of I'mStocked, an advanced inventory management software solution for the food service industry. Proper inventory management ensures less food -- and money -- gets thrown out unnecessarily.

Rock Candy Media never aspired to development software. Rather the inspiration for I'mStocked came from a request by Baldirama Restaurant Group, comprised of three bustling Austin, Texas eateries. "Key to the success of our business is figuring out our clients' precise needs," notes Rock Candy Media founder Annie Liao Jones. "They needed to track inventory across five locations and make it intuitive for any manager to use. The customized solution we developed for them was so successful, we decided to expand its functionality for wide release."

The fact that software development does not fall into the typical role of a PR and marketing firm did not deter Rock Candy Media from delving into the field. RCM is a sales-oriented design firm, giving them the flexibility to approach problems from every angle to find a solution. "We can confidently release our own product lines because we are confident in our ability to market them," said Jones, "and it allows us to show off our marketing chops to other clients."

I'mStocked allows restaurants to keep tabs on their inventory while analyzing the usage of each item in stock. The software tells users how much of a particular ingredient they need to order, and when they need to order it. This can make a profound impact on how much food -- and money -- is wasted on spoiled produce, meats, and other perishables. With food prices climbing in the wake of this summer's devastating drought, properly managing these resources will be pivotal. For more information visit

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