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February 07, 2013 10:13 ET

Rock Candy Media Launches Social Business Arm

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - Feb 7, 2013) - Austin-based marketing and design firm Rock Candy Media is launching a formal Social Business division to fully leverage every press release, marketing, and advertising effort with the social network most effective for their clients' respective industries. The new division offers clients customized programs that make use of the full-service agencies' resources to run content-driven marketing campaigns utilizing Rock Candy Media's social networking tools.

"The approach we take is tailored to each client, because one-size-fits-all social media is as flattering as a rented tuxedo," says Content Strategist Sam Kimelman. "The key to this method is ensuring the content shared is relevant and timely, and avoids the obvious and uninspired."

The realization that Rock Candy Media (RCM) was operating their social media program in a unique way came from feedback from their client base last year. Marketing coordinator Julienne Nickells said: "Rock Candy Media strategically organized our various communities and put them under one cohesive brand, and also handled the naming. I'm excited to see our likes grow. We've only been working with each other for a couple of months and already we are seeing fantastic results. It's obvious they did their research to understand our industry."

Social Business necessitates a more involved role than typical social media practices. A social presence requires constant attention, which allows Rock Candy Media's marketing team to gauge the impact of their tactics and pivot when necessary. Before a dime is spent on an advertising campaign, ideas can be tested on social channels. "Within a month of managing a client's social identity we have a better understanding of their audience and speak confidently using their authentic voice," says Kimelman. "Once we have the tone and substance nailed down, we have a better sense of what direction to take with -- for example -- a radio spot or an e-mail campaign."

RCM's newest B2B clients are Tandem Logistics and ATXatHome. "Social is how people find the things they want and need. Organizations have a choice: either put social business to work for you or let other people define who you are," asserts Principal Annie Liao Jones. "The area most primed for growth is the B2B sector. Their prospects are on Facebook. The targeting it allows now and the analytics we can pull is something you can't argue with."

"The term 'social media' in itself has a negative connation now, due to businesses that hand receptionists their logo to put on corporate Facebook and Twitter pages. This is a disservice to the service we actually provide -- which falls under marketing," notes Jones. "Creating compelling content that will legitimize a brand, whether it addresses consumers or other businesses, requires copywriters, designers, developers, and marketers who know the medium. Capturing data on Facebook requires an in-house developer, and without a project manager and a content strategist overseeing the social business arm it would be difficult to run campaigns.

Jones adds, "The risk a business runs without a fully integrated firm behind it is huge -- a non-authentic voice and the dollars wasted on traditional 'branding' vehicles when more and more prospects are going directly to a corporate LinkedIn page. Nowadays you have to assume that you don't know which medium people will hear about you first. The only way to cover your bases is with an agency, not an intern."

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