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Rock Candy Media

November 18, 2015 13:45 ET

Rock Candy Media Offering ZippiCare Pet Wellness Plans to Employees

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Nov 18, 2015) - Rock Candy Media (RCM), an Austin digital marketing and advertising agency, is expanding its benefits package to include year-round wellness coverage for employee pets. The coverage comes courtesy of ZippiCare Wellness, a subscription pet healthcare service provided by Austin animal hospital ZippiVet.

"ZippiVet appealed to me as a business owner for two reasons: my employees are on the younger side and more likely to be single and two, there is no reason to isolate employees that are not married from receiving benefits," RCM principal Annie Liao Jones said. "Pet wellness is a major concern for many of our employees. Our pets are family members at Rock Candy Media. We want our employees to feel taken care of in a more individualized manner."

ZippiCare Wellness plans allow businesses to offer employees yearly preventative health care coverage for dogs and cats at ZippiVet animal hospital. ZippiCare Wellness plans include annual check-ups, vaccinations, parasite control and nutrition and lifestyle counseling.

"Regular examinations and preventative care are the easiest ways to keep pets happy and healthy for their entire lives," ZippiVet veterinarian Dr. Audrey Wystrach said. "People tend to only visit the vet when their pet is sick, but animals benefit from preventative care just like people do!"

ZippiCare Wellness plans aren't exclusive to businesses. Individuals interested in preventative care for pets can purchase ZippiCare for a monthly fee.

"ZippiCare is something I would have been interested in anyway," RCM creative director Sam Kimelman said. "The fact that it's being offered through my employer is something I really appreciate, and I'm sure my dog, Riley, would too -- were he capable of understanding the complexities of pet health care coverage."

Rock Candy Media is the first company in the Austin area to offer ZippiCare Wellness to employees. For more information on Rock Candy Media, visit For more information on ZippiCare Wellness, visit

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