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January 29, 2014 16:53 ET

Rock Candy Media's Latest Guerrilla Marketing Campaign Gains Traction

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Jan 29, 2014) - Local marketing-based design agency Rock Candy Media has debuted a new guerrilla marketing campaign aimed at poking fun at awful customer service. For client Hastings Humans, they've launched a Twitter account for a fake customer service center called Bestest Helping, that parodies universal customer service experiences people can relate to.

The campaign launched on January 6th, and highlights the inadequacies of call center assistance -- the exact opposite of the tailored customer experience Hastings Humans provides. This latest effort is a reflection of Rock Candy Media's dedication to researching consumer behavior. "Most people skip over the psychology and go straight into the pitch; we've succeeded by gaining the prospects' trust by showing that we understand their headaches," said Rock Candy Media CEO Annie Liao Jones. "Part of the strategy was to target the most disliked companies in America in order to get the most attention."

"We decided to go over the top with the tweets, but I think everyone can think back to a situation where it's not actually that far off," said Strategy Director Sam Kimelman.

Mark Hastings, the President and Co-Owner of Hastings Humans, is "excited to have a campaign that positions Hastings Humans as a national service provider. It's not a typical 'Do's and Don'ts' list, it's a catalog of everything we hear from our clients when we ask why they chose us, and sort of an inverted view of what we do at Hastings. We keep detailed records of why people call us, so we can always be two steps ahead."

The campaign also includes Vine videos performed by Rock Candy Media's staff, depicting what's really going on when your customer service rep is telling you their computer is being slow. Rock Candy Media asks Twitter users to send any questions to @BestestHelping to receive the answer you least expect.

"Instead of your typical bullet point document of services, after visiting Hastings, we knew their tailored services deserved more than that. Bestest Helping is a clear illustration of what Hastings Humans is not, and using humor earns authenticity points, which helps shorten sales cycles," says Jones.

Guerilla marketing-based design firm Rock Candy Media was founded in 2009. The agency's current clients also include MX3 Homes, Likter, CloudEntr and Austin Cancer Centers. To see the full history of RCM deliverables, please visit or call 512.291.7626.

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