SOURCE: Rock Ridge Resources, Inc.

February 14, 2014 19:58 ET

Rock Ridge Reports Record Annual Income and Earnings for 2013

Shareholder Year End Update and 2014 Forecast

LAKE ARROWHEAD, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 14, 2014) - The Board of Directors and Executive Management of Feb 13, 2014 Rock Ridge Resources, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: RRRI) are pleased to provide their shareholders and the investment public a financial overview of the company's 2013 performance along with a forecast for 2014.

Rock Ridge Resources recently reported their annual report with OTC Markets. The following is a summary breakdown of that report:

2013 Overview

During the 3rd quarter, the Company brought into compliance its Federal and State tax returns from 2007-2012 presenting a net operating loss carryover of $18,465,000 from previous years of operations by prior management. In 2013 the Company produced an annual income of $3,784,314 with a net income of $801,037. These numbers combine the oil factoring operations with Serenity Lodge, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. 

To review the Consolidated Unaudited Statements of Income-Tax Cash Basis Reporting for the twelve months which ended December 31, 2013, go to In left corner type in symbol (RRRI) and on left margin click on filings and disclosures to review financial report.

2014 Forecast

Rock Ridge specializes in three business operations: (1) Oil & Gas Factoring and investments in oil & gas stocks. (2) Alcohol-Drug Treatment Facility and (3) Real Estate Investing. The Company is focused on helping small resource companies gain faster access to the working capital which is essential for their success in the sale of their oil. In the 4th quarter, the Company began purchasing oil & gas receivables from approved clients and began equity investments in companies such as Exxon Mobil, Halliburton and Core Labs.

Serenity Lodge is a cutting edge alcohol-drug treatment facility located in Lake Arrowhead, California. At the end of 2013, Serenity Lodge's accounts receivable totaled $1,658,000 from operations. The company reports on a cash basis and does not use the accrual method of accounting. Portions of this amount are still being collected and will reflect on our balance sheet once attained. In 2014 the company will begin reporting on an accrual basis because its sales will exceed the $5,000,000 IRS requirement for filing.

In the earlier part of the 3rd quarter, after the recent completion of 2 newly constructed houses, the Department of Health Services approved 12 additional beds to our existing license taking the facility to 30 private licensed beds. Each Serenity client enjoys the comfort of their own private bedroom, setting the facility apart from most treatment facilities that require clients to share rooms.

KC Hollmer, President of Rock Ridge, stated that with Dr. Elwood Cohen, D.O. Board Certified Primary Care Medicine, and Academy of Family Practice joined Serenity Lodge in the latter part of the 4th quarter, our company is now considered a medical assisted facility and therefore it was decided to incorporate an in-house electronic medical billing system for its billings to all insurance companies yielding the company a savings of approximately $250,000 in annual fees.

Serenity Lodge is off to a strong first quarter. January billings were $1,249,000 from its clients to insurance companies for services while collecting cash income of $459,000 with a net profit of $149,000. End of month Jan 31, receivables exceeded $2,000,000, which includes current billings and carryover from year ending 2013. The Company will continue to bill and collect on its outstanding receivables during 2014 and report accordingly.

RRRI stock price closed at $0.34 on 12-31-2013

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Legal Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Statements:

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Rock Ridge Resources, Inc.  
Consolidated Unaudited Statements of Income - Tax Cash Basis  
For the twelve months ended December 31, 2013  
    RockRidge   Serenity     Combined  
  Revenues   1,945         1,945  
  Management services   530,000   100,000     630,000  
  Patient income       3,047,104     3,047,104  
  Patient refund       (101,735 )   (101,735 )
  Real estate sale, gain       207,000     207,000  
Total Income   531,945   3,252,369     3,784,314  
Cost of Goods Sold                
  Counseling       15,200     15,200  
  Detox       20,760     20,760  
  Medical       84,791     84,791  
Total COGS   -   120,751     120,751  
Gross Profit   531,945   3,131,618     3,663,563  
  Advertising & marketing       139,573     139,573  
  Auto       92,280     92,280  
  Cleaning/housekeeping       23,352     23,352  
  Commission fee       105,424     105,424  
  Consultant       33,500     33,500  
  Contract Services       17,804     17,804  
  Depreciation       122,700     122,700  
  Dues & fees       5,822     5,822  
  Groceries       161,052     161,052  
  Housing       561,184     561,184  
  Insurance       147,145     147,145  
  Landscape/gardening       29,577     29,577  
  Professional fees   2,800   45,033     47,833  
  Lodge supplies       35,377     35,377  
  Management fee       530,000     530,000  
  Miscellaneous       8,476     8,476  
  Office expense   34   21,284     21,318  
  Payroll & payroll taxes       553,052     553,052  
  Permits       11,275     11,275  
  Real estate investmt exp   7,631         7,631  
  Recreation & movies       36,045     36,045  
  Repairs & maintenance       38,297     38,297  
  Taxes   582   37,004     37,586  
  Telephone       5,893     5,893  
  Travel       18,065     18,065  
  Utilities       72,265     72,265  
    -         -  
Total Expense   11,047   2,851,479     2,862,526  
NET INCOME   520,898   280,139     801,037