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Rocket Fuel Inc.

November 04, 2009 08:01 ET

Rocket Fuel Drives Higher Performance for Major Brand Advertisers With Audience Booster

Hybrid Ad Network Helps Advertisers Beat Campaign Goals With Progressive Optimization

REDWOOD SHORES, CA--(Marketwire - November 4, 2009) - Rocket Fuel Inc. today announced solidified customer success with Audience Booster™, an automated campaign management approach unique to the company's hybrid ad serving technology platform. Rocket Fuel's Audience Booster goes beyond basic behavioral or contextual targeting by combining relevant demographic, lifestyle, purchase intent, and social data with their own suite of targeting algorithms, blended analytics and expert analysis.

Audience Booster identifies the best audiences across any media and targets them in brand-safe environments. Rocket Fuel provides better results for advertisers by turning untargeted media into high-performance impressions and valuable qualified segments. Rocket Fuel's Progressive Optimization™ technique creates a new standard for results as clients see their campaigns get steadily better over time. With Audience Booster, major brand-oriented advertisers can more efficiently identify the right people and target them with the most relevant ad through proven data-driven techniques:

--  Purchase Intent Data: Audience Booster aggregates shopping, research
    and purchase behaviors from consumers actively "in market" across the
    Internet to drive understanding of the connections between purchase
    activity and ad response.
--  Lifestyle & Behavioral Data: Audience Booster targets passionate users
    heavily engaged in specific activities that define their interests and
    personalities -- from auto and sports enthusiasts to finance and small
    business leaders.
--  Demographic Data: Audience Booster leverages a rich source of cross-
    referenced valid registration information from leading social network,
    shopping, dating and other reliable websites to help boost audience
--  Social Data: Audience Booster identifies demographic and psychographic
    traits to boost response, engagement, word of mouth and collective
    behavior, as well as bringing together social groups with common interests
    in brands and products, without risking your brand on low-quality
    unmoderated social media inventory.

"Major brand advertisers ranging from leading women's clothing brands to video game and consumer electronics manufacturers are using Audience Booster to consistently beat ROI targets by 50%, and deliver better against their key metrics -- whether brand or response," said Richard Frankel, president of Rocket Fuel Inc. "There is an inherent need for ad networks to go beyond basic techniques like retargeting and simple behavioral targeting. As advertisers demand better focus on consumers who are more likely to engage and more likely to take action, advertising companies must be able to identify and learn about audiences much faster and with much greater accuracy. Audience Booster does just that."

About Rocket Fuel Inc.

Rocket Fuel Inc. is building the first intelligent ad serving platform that combines the best of social, behavioral, contextual, geographical, search and other data sources to understand consumer interest and intent. Rocket Fuel goes beyond other audience targeting technologies by combining demographic, lifestyle, purchase intent and social data with its own suite of targeting algorithms, blended analytics and expert analysis to find active customers. Rocket Fuel uses its technology to run a hybrid ad network that delivers better ROI for premium brand marketers -- whether their objectives are brand oriented or designed to drive a conversion event. Rocket Fuel was built by veterans from Yahoo!, DoubleClick, Epiphany, and to make marketing easier and more effective for advertisers, help publishers get the most value out of their inventory, and give consumers a personalized and relevant online experience. Rocket Fuel Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Redwood Shores, CA. For more information visit

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