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April 01, 2011 11:00 ET

RockMelt® Adds New Facebook Chat, Real-Time Twitter®, View Later Features

Major Browser Upgrades Help People Consume Content, Connect With Friends and Share Content Faster and Easier

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - April 1, 2011) - RockMelt has been hard at work adding users' most-requested features to the popular RockMelt social browser. RockMelt Beta 2 will begin rolling out to users today and includes a significantly improved Facebook chat experience, all new Twitter App and new "View Later" functionality. And it's built on the speed-enhanced Chromium 10, enabling RockMelt to deliver a turbo-charged browsing experience.

The first, invitation-only RockMelt beta was released in November 2010 and after more than 20 further iterations, RockMelt entered open beta earlier this month. Since that time, the company has seen unparalleled user engagement, including:

  • On average, RockMelt users are spending over six hours per day in the browser and are sharing content every two to three days
  • 65 percent of users have added multiple Apps to their App Edge
  • Users are engaging with the Apps in their App Edge more than 20 times per day
  • Users are having three chats via RockMelt per day
  • Half of RockMelt users have added at least one Twitter account

"Our founding goal was to re-imagine the browser," said Eric Vishria, RockMelt's co-founder and CEO. "We're seeing unparalleled user engagement and the new functionality we're rolling out will make it even easier and faster for users to consume and share content, and connect with friends, all within a discrete design that delivers rich functionality without being distracting."

The Social Browser Improves Chat

Integrated Facebook chat has been one of the most popular features in the RockMelt browser, so logically an improved chat experience was the number one most-requested feature. With Beta 2, RockMelt has added a lightweight chat bar at the bottom of the browser window to allow users to easily keep tabs on multiple conversations at once. The location gives you a place to park your conversation windows while you continue surfing the web, making conversations easier than ever to follow. Given that RockMelt users are already engaging with the existing Facebook chat functionality more than three times a day on average, this significantly improved design and functionality should create an even more social browsing experience for RockMelt's users.

View Web Pages Later

RockMelt's number one priority -- to address how people use the web today -- led to a much needed, but often overlooked feature: a whole new way to use bookmarks. By adding a function alongside the main URL field, RockMelt users can now click on a simple and intuitive icon to instantly add articles and web pages to their "save for a rainy day" reading collection. Those tagged articles create a running list in the "View Later" App on RockMelt's App Edge.

New Twitter Features

Since fifty percent of RockMelt users have added at least one Twitter account, it is not surprising that an all new Twitter App was another top user request. Leveraging the real-time Twitter API, the newly designed Twitter App delivers an even richer Twitter experience within the browser. The new additions deepen the Twitter feel with full capabilities to view @ replies, lists and direct messages while also allowing users to leverage Twitter search.

Support for Chromium 10

With Beta 2, RockMelt has been updated to the latest release of Chromium, version 10. Chromium, the open-source foundation of Google Chrome™, has always been speedy. With version 10, it's even faster.

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RockMelt's mission is to make the Web easier, faster, and more fun. Founded in November 2008 by Eric Vishria and Tim Howes, the company has re-imagined the browser around how people use the Web today. RockMelt, now in open beta, launched a limited beta release of the RockMelt browser in November 2010. RockMelt is based in Mountain View, CA and backed by Marc Andreessen, Bill Campbell, Ron Conway, Diane Greene, Ben Horowitz and Josh Kopelman.

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