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October 05, 2011 11:00 ET

RockStar Motel Opens Its Doors: Sign, Represent and Interact With Your Favorite Bands and Artists

Social Music Site Eliminates the Barriers Between Fans and Artists

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Oct 5, 2011) -

News Facts:

  • Today, RockStar Motel opened its music social network, allowing both fans and artists unprecedented access to the music industry. Fans can sign and promote their favorite artists while discovering new talent to believe in. Artists engage their fans, leveraging not only social media tools, but also dedicated fans who now have an incentive to promote on their behalf.
  • By changing the music industry from the current "top-down" model to a new, social "bottom-up" approach, RockStar Motel builds upon the passion of music fans to improve the industry. The company's mission is to level the playing field for artists and give every fan the opportunity to participate.
  • RockStar Motel combines social media, game mechanics and direct artist/fan interaction under one roof.
    • Music fans sign and represent their favorite artists on RockStar Motel, essentially creating their own record labels.
    • Fans promote their artists and get recognized and rewarded for their efforts with points, status and visibility among both their peers and artists.
    • Artists, both signed and unsigned, can create or claim their RockStar Motel page to engage their fans through the site and recruit super fans as representatives.
  • RockStar Motel quantifies being a fan by ranking who is helping to promote artists and recognizes those who put in the work before a band is launched into stardom.
  • For more information, to start representing your favorite bands or claim your artist page, visit

How RockStar Motel Works:

  • For Fans:
    • Take a proactive role in shaping artists' careers
      • Become a band representative and create Promo Packs with write-ups, bios, pictures and music to share with your friends.
      • Share details on the artists you love, info on emerging talent, what songs you're listening to and what you think of your friends' selections.
      • Message artists and other fans through your personal RockStar Motel inbox or broadcast your opinions on your network feed.
    • Promote artists you love and earn recognition:
      • Recommend an artist, create Promo Packs, or write reviews -- if your promotion generates new reps or fans, you get points.
      • Earn rewards, recognition and added privileges within the fan and artist communities as you amass points and level-up.
      • Discover new favorites through the RockStar Motel music discovery platform -- in addition to referrals, RockStar Motel features a rich content library, a resource for music exploration with more than 12 million tracks.
  • For Artists:
    • Give your fans insider access:
      • Create or claim your page and then upload your music, photos and information.
      • Recruit current real-world fans to represent you on RockStar Motel so they can work on your behalf.
      • Promote and distribute music on your own terms while strengthening fan relationships.
    • Get to know your fans:
      • Get discovered alongside other established artists and build a base of super fans.
      • Connect directly with your biggest fans through the Artist's Assistant -- understand where your biggest fans are located and what they like, based on our actionable intelligence.


Luca Sacchetti, CEO & Founder, RockStar Motel:
"As a former artist, I know it's hard to create music when you are encumbered by the business and politics of the industry. By opening up the opportunity to share, preserve and promote music to the fans, artists have a new freedom to stay focused on making music. That's why we've created RockStar Motel. The fans' passion for music, harnessed by RockStar Motel, enables musicians to develop and advance their sound and their careers."

Don Gilmore, Writer & Producer:
"The internet has dramatically changed the music business but no one site has come up with a way to bring back the passion it's lacking. RockStar Motel will bring endless opportunities for artists and fans to interact and create a new way to participate in the music business."

About RockStar Motel
RockStar Motel is a social music network that brings the music business online. Fans are recognized and rewarded for signing, representing and promoting artists within the community and beyond. With RockStar Motel, fans get tools to promote their favorite bands and the opportunity to share, discover and download music. Unlike passive social music sites, RockStar Motel gives you insider access, recognition and the chance to make a real difference in the music industry. Based in Seattle, RockStar Motel was founded in 2010 by Luca Sacchetti, a former musician who wants to make the music industry a more inclusive place for everyone. For more information, check out

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