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ROFLMAO Productions Inc.

October 24, 2006 16:07 ET

ROFLMAO Productions Inc.: Secret Cast to be Revealed as Internet TV Stars Launch Canadian Tour for Pure Pwnage

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Oct. 24, 2006) - ROFLMAO Productions Inc., creator of the world famous Internet TV series "Pure Pwnage", has announced a 3 city Canadian tour, taking their show to theatres in Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto.

The tour will showcase the season finale episode and include a meet and greet with the cast and crew. For the first time the cast will appear out-of-character and the veil of secrecy surrounding their real identities will be lifted.

Pure Pwnage (pronounced "Pure Ownage") portrays the life of Jeremy, a self-proclaimed professional video game player who is seemingly unbeatable and reverentially titled "The Ownerer". Through a combination of interviews and candid footage shot by Jeremy's brother Kyle, we follow his daily life and pursuit of gaming glory.

The show has a cult-like fanatical following and the real names of everyone involved with the production are closely guarded secrets. The fans typically address the characters as real people, adding an interesting mystique to the show and its creators.

"After over 2 years of production we're very excited to premiere the season finale and reveal our identities. We're proud of how large the international audience has grown, we know that there are a lot of people looking forward to this," says Kyle, director of Pure Pwnage and president of ROFLMAO Productions Inc.

"I just want people to know how much I really do pwn" adds Jeremy. Dealing mostly with online video gaming culture, the show exploded over the past 2 years as millions of gamers worldwide discovered and fell in love with the show's energetic characters. The current viewership exceeds 3 million, making it one of the most watched shows produced in Canada.

"Our largest audience is the USA, followed by the UK, Canada and Australia. We've also got large fanbases in Holland, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, and pretty much anywhere where there are people who love playing video games", says Kyle. "With subtitles in over 15 languages, there are few places the show doesn't reach".

The world-wide appeal continues to grow. Just last week, Jeremy appeared in an interview on Australia's Broadcast Network, ABC 2, at the persistent requests of his fans. Additionally, the cast has appeared in a 6 page spread in the premiere Italian video gaming magazine Videogiochi, the Norwegian national newspaper Aftenposten, the Toronto Star, Computer Gaming World, XBOX magazine, and the European and North American editions of PC Gamer.

All of the episodes of Pure Pwnage are available for free, and contain no advertisements. Since the show is only distributed on the Internet, it does not qualify for the Telefilm funding that fuels the majority of the Canadian television industry.

"Canada is our home. We can't wait to meet so many of our dedicated Canadian fans in person, and let them in on the big secret first", says Jeremy, with his usual smile.

On Nov. 1st Jeremy and Kyle will be speaking to students at the Vancouver Film School about the success of their project, and the future of independent digital video production and distribution.

Pure Pwnage will screen in Calgary on Oct. 28th at the Globe Cinema, in Vancouver on Nov. 2nd at Granville 7 Cinemas, and in Toronto on Nov. 4th at the Bloor Cinema. The season finale will be released online on Nov. 6th.

ROFLMAO Productions Inc. is a Toronto-based company.

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