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September 30, 2010 09:00 ET

ROGER HODGSON-Legendary Voice & Former Supertramp Frontman Returns to Reclaim Musical Legacy With International Tour Dates and New Album Released Oct 12th

PARIS, FRANCE--(Marketwire - Sept. 30, 2010) - The man who wrote and sang such classic songs as as "The Logical Song", "Breakfast in America", "Give a Little Bit", "Take the Long Way Home", "It's Raining Again", "School" and "Dreamer,"Fool's Overture", "Don't Leave me Now", and "Hide in Your Shell"-- the enduring rock standards that made Supertramp famous – is returning with his first album in ten years called "Classics Live," a stunning collection of Hodgson's best-loved songs recorded in concert during his 2010 tour to be released digitally Oct 12th. As a preview and special gift to his fans, Roger is offering a complimentary download of "Dreamer" on his website www.rogerhodgson.com.

"I love performing these songs, which continue to resound for me as a performer and for the fans. My songs come from a very personal place inside me and they carry my beliefs and my dreams and my philosophy of life. I understand the deep connection that fans have with my songs that have been a part of so many people's lives around the world. So I'm very excited to be sharing my songs in this live CD." Roger's tour continues to draw both critical and fan acclaim, and his passion about his music and his art as a songwriter and composer shines through in the magic that is felt when he performs in concert. 

Roger is also stepping forward now in an attempt to shed light on the misleading advertising that has been used to promote his former band's current tour. Roger's ex-partner and other co-founder, Rick Davies and his wife and manager Sue - who now own the Supertramp trademark – have put together a "70-10 Greatest Hits" Tour, supposedly covering 40 years of the group's greatest hits. However, they are only performing 1 song from the entire repertoire they produced since Hodgson's departure 28 years ago. 

Contrary to their agreement, Rick Davies is not only playing seven Hodgson penned songs but is using those songs and Roger's signature voice in advertising for a tour that Roger is not a part of. Of course, the public expects the voice they are hearing in the announcements for the show to be the voice they will hear in the concerts. 

Roger explains, "I have a lot of empathy when fans write to me telling me that misleading advertising using my songs and voice led them to believe that I would be at the concerts, and how disappointed they were not to see me there." 

With his tour, Roger Hodgson is looking forward to performing the songs he wrote and sang while with Supertramp in the same spirit in which they were created. "I'm hoping to reconnect with all the people out there who love my songs and my voice and have been listening to me singing to them for 30 years, but may not know my name." Hodgson explains. "My songs are pieces of my heart that have touched other people's hearts in a myriad of ways. It's a very personal connection I have with people and I honor it"

Ultimately, Hodgson remains positive, and because of the countless requests by his fans he had offered to do a few special reunion shows with Supertramp. Despite Hodgson's best efforts, Davies has declined these offers and has not yet publicly acknowledged them.

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Meanwhile he continues on his World tour delighting his fans by performing his classic songs around the world, represented so stunningly on the forthcoming 'Classics Live' CD. 

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Quotes from media & fans:

As The London Times noted, "There are few vocalists instantly recognizable from the first few bars of a song but Roger Hodgson is certainly one of that unique group. The singer/songwriter of Supertramp, his voice is as unmistakable as the distinct keyboard sound of his early hits." 

As one fan recently wrote, "I hope that all Supertramp fans find out and realize that most of them are also Roger Hodgson fans. Roger - for many of us - your voice, your songs, your messages, and your spirit is Supertramp. We've known you singing to us all these years and we are just now discovering your name."

Another shared, "Your music and more importantly, your enthusiasm for expressing your music to the audience is inspiring! I felt that you sang each and every song with a passion ... not just an empty or bland repetition of sameness."

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