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November 03, 2016 12:00 ET

Rollout Launches Swift Support on its Industry-First Platform that Enables Developers to Instantly Update Native iOS Apps

When critical app updates need to be pushed to users, Rollout offers iOS developers a solution to skip the delays from Apple's App Store approval process

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - November 03, 2016) - Rollout, the industry's first and only product for controlling and modifying any native iOS app in real-time, has launched Swift support to enable app developers working with both Swift and Objective-C to deploy code-level changes to native iOS apps without waiting on the App Store.

Mobile apps are a $51 billion dollar industry and 79% of U.S. companies say mobile apps are a factor in their success. Yet the distribution model for mobile apps is frozen in the era of software-in-a-box, completely out of the creator's control once it is on a user's device. As more companies rely on mobile as a critical business driver, it is not only frustrating but costly if your app experiences a bug or hiccup. Waiting hours, let alone days, can bleed revenue or customer trust from a business.

Rollout has changed that by creating the first and only product for modifying live, native iOS apps. As an Apple-compliant solution with bank-level security, Rollout is becoming a go-to for app makers on a global scale. Rollout is already being used by thousands of app developers and is installed on more than 50 million devices, with companies like Yahoo! Japan,, and Bumble making it a core piece of their app deployment process.

Now, at the request of its developer community, Rollout is bringing that functionality to a completely new arena, Apple's fast-growing native app language Swift. For the first time, Swift developers will have the ability to make critical updates to their live apps via Rollout without the hurdle of going through the App Store review process.

The technology behind Rollout's Swift implementation involved building runtime method replacement for Swift, which was difficult to create because of Swift's lack of dynamic capabilities compared to Objective-C. As a result, app makers will now be able to patch code at runtime with Swift, something that was impossible to do before.

"It boggles my mind how far behind mobile development is at app updates when you consider that website are often pushing dozens of releases every day," said Erez Rusovsky, CEO at Rollout. "No matter how much Apple compacts its App Store approval process, there's an urgent business need to control the day-to-day app modifications that determine customer experience and key revenue generators like subscriptions and in-app purchases. Our vision is to give control over the app deployment process back to developers."

"Mobile is a critical piece of Upwork's ecosystem, and the quality of our apps is important to our business. That's why Rollout has become a must-have tool for our iOS team," said Bittu Ahlawat, head of mobile engineering at global freelancing platform Upwork. "Rollout gives us more control over our apps and significantly minimizes the impact of issues on our users. Once we have the fix ready, we can push it to them in a matter of minutes, a process that used to take days."

"Details matter in a luxury mobile experience," said Yacine Salhi, head of mobile at leading resale luxury platform Vestiaire Collective. "We were one of the first luxury marketplaces to have our own app, as mobile is a key piece of our e-commerce strategy. We continually release new features in order to improve the mobile experience. Prior to Rollout, the entire team would be stressed about each and every release. Even with our extensive QA, issues still appeared in the wild. Rollout not only helps us release new features faster and fix bugs without waiting for App Store approval, it gave us back the reigns to keep our customers happy."

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Rollout is an industry-first control center for mobile developers to modify their live, native iOS apps. Using Rollout, mobile developers can instantly push code-level changes to live apps without the need to release a new version through Apple's App Store or wait for end users to update their app. Rollout is used by thousands of app developers and is installed on on more than 50 million devices, with companies like Yahoo! Japan,, Upwork and Bumble making it a core piece of their app deployment process. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

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