SOURCE: Author Ron Felber

June 30, 2014 13:40 ET

Ron Felber, Author of "The Kafka Society" Has Life Saved by Ernest Hemingway Tattoo

FORT LEE, NJ--(Marketwired - June 30, 2014) -  "Courage is grace under pressure," Ernest Hemingway famously wrote. It is a quote author of "The Kafka Society" Ron Felber will never forget.

It was while riding a motorcycle on the treacherous mountain roads of St. John's Island the thriller author was hit head-on by a truck. With his motorcycle shattered on impact, he was thrown over the truck's hood landing face down and unconscious nearly thirty feet away in a ditch. Turned onto his back, but still struggling to breathe, he noticed his shirt had been ripped exposing a tattoo he'd had imprinted on his right arm just days before: the quote 'Courage is grace under pressure'.

"At that moment with onlookers standing over me, amidst a cloud of gas fumes and burning rubber, I read the quote and it heartened me. I later learned that the motorcycle's handle bar had driven itself four inches into my side. So, it was a good thing I laid there calm and worked to control my breathing or I don't think I'd be alive today!"

Ron Felber's critically acclaimed "The Kafka Society" is the second novel in the 'Jack Madson' series published by Barricade Books, Fort Lee, N.J.

Both Madson series books "A Man of Indeterminate Value" and "The Kafka Society" are available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Hudson Bookstore locations nationwide.

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