July 01, 2008 12:35 ET

Ron Paul Revolutionaries Trade Fireworks for Money Bomb July 4th; Vows to Disprove Critics Claiming 'Freedom Movement' Is Dead

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - July 1, 2008) - -- Over 25 congressional candidates running on a Ron Paul "Freedom" platform have united for a mass fundraising "Money Bomb" event July 4th to raise funds for their campaigns. Each candidate is committed to four major tenets: ending the overseas empire and bringing the troops home, ending the Federal Reserve, limiting the federal government to its proper Constitutional framework, and dismantling the police state.

"Our goal was to create a national platform for these candidates to have their issues heard and to expand their fundraising reach beyond their districts," explained Trevor Lyman, organizer of the original Money Bombs that raised over $14 million for Ron Paul's presidential campaign. "The success of the July 4th Money Bomb will send a clear message to Congress that we aren't backing down, and that our message is resonating with a growing number of Americans across the country."

Candidate Steven Vasquez adds, "All of us across the nation must work together to take back Congress. That is why is such an important vehicle in demonstrating the strength of our movement. It's compelling enough to bring the masses back to volunteer for their local candidates and donate across the board."

He continues, "We are in a unique position to empower these candidates to run competitive campaigns, with a very good chance of winning 5 to 10 new seats. That is a tremendous beachhead to grow our voting block by upwards of 1000% in Congress, and create enough momentum to bring in many more candidates for the 2010 races." was launched by as one of many groundbreaking efforts to educate people about foreign policy, economics and civil liberties. For more information, visit

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