March 26, 2009 11:00 ET

RONA Offers Up to $1,000 in Gift Cards for Customers Taking Advantage of the Home Renovation Tax Credit

Kitchen and bathroom renos as well as basement finishing are at the top of Canadians' project list

BOUCHERVILLE, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - March 26, 2009) - RONA (TSX:RON), the largest Canadian distributor and retailer of hardware, home renovation and gardening supplies, is offering consumers up to $1,000 back in gift cards on materials or installation services purchased at RONA for use in projects eligible for the federal government's Home Renovation Tax Credit. RONA also offers how-to tips and expert project advice to help consumers get started with their home improvement projects.

"We were pleased to see the Home Renovation Tax Credit being implemented, and we're proud to be offering Canadians even more from the program when they shop at RONA," said Robert Dutton, RONA President and CEO. "The tax credit directly benefits consumers and the home renovation industry, while helping save local jobs. RONA's special incentive gives consumers an opportunity to benefit from the program while buying from a Canadian retailer."

"Since the launch of the RONAdvantage program last February, many customers have already signed up to register their projects with us. Already adding up to a few million dollars, new projects subscriptions continue to be entered every day," said Claude Bernier, RONA Executive Vice President, Marketing and customer innovation. "Most popular projects appear to be kitchen and bathroom renovations, as well as basement finishing."

Customers making purchases eligible for the federal government's Home Renovation Tax Credit of over $1,000 at RONA will be offered gift cards worth 10% of their expenses before taxes, up to a maximum of $1,000. Customers receive RONA gift cards upon signing up online at or at a store and purchasing qualifying materials and/or installation services, enabling them to receive immediate benefits in addition to the income tax credit they will obtain upon completing 2009 tax returns. The special incentive program is available at RONA stores across Canada until January, 31, 2010, based on the Home Renovation Tax Credit's eligibility.

Ongoing RONA customer incentives, including AIR MILES reward miles and free-of-charge expert advice for the realization of their project through the Project Guide service provide additional support for consumers. Purchases can be made from single or multiple RONA locations across Canada, including Totem stores in Alberta and Reno-Depot in Quebec. Purchases must be paid with the RONA VISA Desjardins card's Multi-Purchase Renovation Plan, offered at a competitive annual rate as low as 6% for financing of $2,500 and more.

With the RONA VISA Desjardins card's Multi-Purchase Renovation Plan, consumers will be able to complete their purchases during a two-month period, after which they will be able to pay their balance into 36 instalments, with an annual interest rate as low as 6% for financing of $2,500 and up. A 13.5% annual interest rate would be applied for financing below $2,500. For consumers who pay the entire balance before the 2-month period expires, no interests will be charged. Customers can also pay their entire balance at any time during the 36-month period, without any additional fees.

As an example, Canadian consumers spending $9,000 for kitchen renovations at RONA would benefit from the following:

- A $900 RONA gift card, applicable on any future purchases made at RONA (10% in gift cards on purchases of $9,000 before taxes);

- Expert advice for planning their project;

- A competitive financing plan with an annual interest rate of 6% for their renovation project, to be paid in 36 instalments following a two-month period;

- AIR MILES reward miles collected on purchases;

- A $1,350 federal income tax credit (potential income tax credit, as per the Home Renovation Tax Credit's maximum value);

- For total estimated savings of $2,250.


To take full advantage of the Home Renovation Tax Credit and the RONAdvantage program, customers can also visit the RONA by Design Web site at for how-to tips and construction guides. The RONA by Design Web site includes construction plans for a number of renovation projects in bathrooms, kitchens, basements or storage space as well as interactive tools, including RONA's 3D bathroom and kitchen online designer and calculators for ceramic tiles, paint or moulding.

The Home Renovation Tax Credit (HRTC) is subject to the eligibility criteria established by the Canada Revenue Agency. RONA does not express any opinion nor makes any representation or guarantee with respect to the consumer's eligibility to the HRTC for purchases made at RONA or with respect to the tax credit amount the consumer could be entitled to under the HRTC.

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