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September 12, 2008 16:00 ET

Ronn Motor Company Announces Plans for Mass Commercialization of Its Hydrogen Fuel Efficiency Technology Through Its H2GO™ Brand

Proprietary On-Demand System Converts Water Into Hydrogen to Increase Fuel Efficiency of Internal Combustion Engines Up to 20% - 25%

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - September 12, 2008) - Ronn Motor Company (PINKSHEETS: RNNM) announced today that it is preparing to commence manufacturing its proprietary "H2GO™," a Hydrogen On-Demand (HOD) and Hydrogen Fuel Injection system that can be installed on any existing car or truck.

"We are successfully completing our research and testing toward developing a mainstream commercial product and we're ready for launch," said CEO and President Ronn Maxwell.

Ronn Motor Company is using the H2GO system on its eco-exotic super car, the Scorpion™, which will debut in November 2008. The new HOD system will be available through Ronn Motor Company under the H2GO™ brand, providing automotive dealerships, trucking fleets, government fleets and individual automobile owners an economical aftermarket solution for increasing gas mileage while reducing noxious emissions harmful to the environment.

"The Hydrogen on Demand system is used along with several proprietary systems from the new H2GO™ brand to boost and enhance overall efficiency in automotive fuel burn," commented Damon Kuhn, Chief Operations Officer of Ronn Motor Company. "Hydrogen and oxygen mixtures are utilized along with post-combustion controls to promote a more complete burn, thereby creating better gas mileage and power along with less particulate emissions."

The H2GO™ system produces and blends gaseous hydrogen with gasoline or diesel fuel to achieve improvements in fuel efficiency, currently estimated to be 20% - 25%, while increasing power and decreasing CO2 green house gases by approximately 90%.

Mr. Maxwell stated, "H2GO™ utilizes the patented ProCooler™ and a proprietary electronic control module programmed to regulate and control the flow of hydrogen input into the combustion chamber of the engine."

The H2GO™ is similar to the size of a standard car battery and holds approximately one gallon of water, which will produce hydrogen as needed for approximately 5000 miles -- the equivalent to approximately 10 tanks of fuel for most vehicles -- before having to be refilled with water. H2GO™ is adaptable to any internal combustion piston engine vehicle including the more than 250 million registered vehicles on American roads alone. The H2GO™ system is ideal for over-the-road fleet trucks and RVs, as well as prop aircrafts and boats, and can generate substantial savings for fleet vehicle operators.

Mr. Maxwell added, "This certainly presents a lucrative opportunity for Ronn Motors. Installing our product in 1/2% of 1% of American cars and trucks would result in sales of 1.5 million units, and we should be able to meet that demand over the next 18 to 24 months. We are currently completing negotiations and expect to finalize our agreements with a major manufacturer that will manufacture, warehouse, stock product and distribute the H2GO™ hydrogen system on a national basis through their existing national distribution channels, which will provide consumers with local installation centers nationwide. We would also reduce US oil consumption by millions of barrels of oil each year, saving business and consumers money and reducing our dependence on foreign oil. We have projected for our distributors that the automotive H2GO™ system manufacturers suggested retail pricing will be $999 per unit."

An important factor regarding the market acceptance of the Company's HOD technology is that they believe that installation of the H2GO™ device will not void new car warranties under the Vehicle Warranty Act of 1974. The Act specifies that new car warranties will not be voided with the installation of an aftermarket product as long as the product "enhances" the performance of a vehicle. Ronn Motor Company believes that the H2GO™ system will enhance the performance of all motor vehicles and should not result in the voiding of any new car or truck manufacturer's warranty. The Company believes that their H2GO™ device will be widely accepted worldwide and will be a much desired aftermarket fuel efficiency enhancement product.

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