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Root Inc.

October 14, 2015 10:44 ET

Root Inc. Launches The Continuum® Sustainment Portal: an Online Resource Designed to Help Companies Sustain Strategy Execution

90% of All Strategies Fail -- The Continuum Provides the Capabilities to Make the New "Battle Cry" Resonate Long After the Launch Party

SYLVANIA, OH--(Marketwired - Oct 14, 2015) - Root Inc., the strategy execution consulting company, today announced the availability of The Continuum®, an online support solution created to help organizations sustain execution after strategy rollouts using Root's Strategic Learning Map® visuals or other communication platforms. The new portal provides three key areas of strategy execution sustainment support, including:

  • Facilitator tools
  • Ongoing conversations for managers and teams
  • A feedback loop for leadership to gauge how well the strategy is resonating with employees and gather input on additional areas of opportunity for the business

The portal is designed to create a checks-and-balances system for the new strategy and embed sustainment into the culture of the organization.

"We are constantly surprised at the number of strategies that fail -- many of which are actually sound strategies that could work. The problem lies in sustainment and long-term execution of that strategy," said Rich Berens, president, Root Inc. "For every new strategy rollout, organizations must commit to ongoing dialogue with their people. The new strategy must become part of the fabric of the organization, not just a Band-Aid for the problem."

Added Berens, "To help our clients successfully implement their strategies, we have created The Continuum, an online solution designed to augment Root's Strategic Learning Map experience or other strategy roll-out methods by reinforcing and ingraining the strategy into the heart's, hands and heads of their people."

About The Continuum®
The Continuum Sustainment Portal offers a variety of tactics designed to support different groups within an organization.

For Facilitators helping to support the initial strategy rollout, the portal provides videos and materials to reinforce facilitation training, including:

  • Refresher information on guiding the learning journey
  • Reminders on how to act as a silent participant, letting the dialogue happen organically
  • Input on how to be a ringleader encouraging participation
  • Tools to help collect data and ask important questions

For Managers, The Continuum arms them with a series of touch point materials that help to:

  • Continue the conversation with teams after rollout to keep open lines of communication and connect team and individual roles to strategy support
  • Provide guided manager touch points to reinforce the strategy with teams
  • Paint the ongoing strategic picture to ensure they are achieving real business results

For Leaders, The Continuum provides an important and unique function that offers:

  • A feedback and communication loop -- the key driver to long-term and sustainable change
  • An easy-to-view dashboard leaders can use to view the most pertinent feedback provided by employees, including their understanding of and emotional responses to the strategy
  • Key information that can be used to refine the strategy and create a more authentic, informed and meaningful two-way conversation in the business

About Root's Digital Interactive Solutions
The Continuum is the next option in a series of digital interactive solutions available to Root clients to help drive strategy execution, engage employees, learn new skills, create change and embed sustainment into the culture of the organization. This includes iMap and vMap solutions that are designed to engage individuals or remote groups in strategy rollouts that are similar to the organization's well-known Strategic Learning Map® visuals. Root's digital interactive solutions encompass a variety of flexible formats, including delivery via mobile devices and tablets.

The Continuum Availability and Pricing
The Continuum is available now for organizations that want to sustain their 2015 and 2016 strategy rollouts. Pricing varies depending on functionality selected by organizations to meet their specific needs.

About Root Inc.
Root is a strategy execution company that helps organizations engage their people as the catalyst and driver for change. Root does this by connecting people with complex strategies using creative and visual methods, transformative insights, and consulting know-how on strategy deployment and sustainment. With more than 25 years of capabilities developed from partnering with the world's largest businesses, Root has created a proven framework that consistently achieves clarity, ownership, and results. Based in Sylvania, Ohio, Root has been recognized as a Great Place to Work eight times. Visit for more information.

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