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Root Inc.

January 27, 2015 09:38 ET

Root Inc. Unveils New Animated White Paper on the Benefits of "Co-Thinking" -- When Voting Just Won't Work

Shift From Group Votes of "Yes" or "No" to Collaborative Decision-Making for Better Business Results

SYLVANIA, OH--(Marketwired - Jan 27, 2015) - Decision-making within an organization can be challenging. Emotion and opinion are often at play, clouding facts and impeding forward motion on strategic goals. Individual team members can be too wrapped up in personal agendas to realize what is best for the entire team. But, there is a better way to consider different perspectives and to arrive collaboratively at a suitable solution.

Root Inc. has developed a proven approach to the decision-making challenge and outlined it in a new, animated white paper titled, "The Art of Co-Thinking: Three Steps to Making the Right Decision (Without Taking a Vote)".

Through a series of video vignettes, "The Art of Co-Thinking" takes viewers through the obstacles associated with team decision-making and provides three easy steps to get the team focused on collaborative decision-making -- a method that leverages the collective talent, creativity and intelligence of the team:

1. Get Clear - You can't make a good decision if you don't know what you're deciding on and why.
2. Listen - When it comes to making a business decision, many people can't resist giving an answer before fully considering the question. 
3. Create Accountability - After clarity and a final decision, learn how to create accountability for the decision you and your team made and support one another as you act on it. 

Review the animated white paper, full text version and corresponding infographic.

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