SOURCE: Radiology Oncology Systems, Inc.

April 12, 2016 13:15 ET

R.O.S. Announces New Office in Caribbean

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - April 12, 2016) - Radiology Oncology Systems of San Diego, California has announced it has opened an office to provide cost-effective medical equipment to the Caribbean and other Latin American countries, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. R.O.S. is a provider of radiation oncology equipment and diagnostic imaging equipment, including linear accelerators, CT scanners, MRI systems, PET/CT systems, and x-ray systems, along with related products, services and accessories.

John Vano, President of R.O.S., noted, "The need for quality, pre-owned equipment continues to grow, not only in the United States, but in other parts of the world. In the U.S., cost-cutting measures, combined with the need for accessibility for patients, is fueling the demand for quality, pre-owned equipment. Likewise, in Latin America, private and regional clinics are in need of affordable, increasingly sophisticated medical equipment. By opening an office in the Dominican Republic, we can better service our customers in the region."

Federico Alvarez, M.D. will be managing and building this office through an affiliate company, Aldia Healthcare. Dr. Alvarez has extensive experience in radiation oncology and diagnostic imaging equipment, and has served as a distributor for companies such as Varian Medical Systems, Brainlab, and GE.

"I am pleased to join an organization like R.O.S. that has a great track record in both the U.S. and Latin America, and I am excited to be part of an initiative to improve the quantity and quality of patient care throughout the world. Our mission is to accelerate the journey that one day will bring quality healthcare to all of humanity, in all areas of the world," stated Dr. Alvarez. "I am also happy to help fuel the growth of the equipment industry in general. We have found that providing cost-effective, pre-owned equipment to new facilities helps drive further demand for technology, which is a great benefit to other manufacturers and developers of equipment and software."

Radiology Oncology Systems' distribution territory includes: USA, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, Guatemala, Switzerland, Panama, France, Costa Rica, Italy, Bahamas, Greece, Dominican Republic, Spain, Haiti, Hungary, Venezuela, Romania, Colombia, Belgium, Ecuador, Turkey, Peru, Syria, Bolivia, UAE, Chile, Lebanon, Argentina, Israel, Uruguay, India, Brazil, Nepal, Kenya, Pakistan, Mauritius, Bangladesh, South Africa, Ukraine, Egypt, Russia, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom, China, Sweden, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Mali.

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