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September 09, 2015 16:45 ET

RosettaBrand's Branded App Solution

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - September 09, 2015) - The numbers say it all. The world is changing, accelerating, adapting rapidly. RosettaBrand aspires to help you throw off the old mass media-based practices of yesterday and usher in a new infotech-centric era by connecting you with your customers via your custom eReader app. Online and mobile audiences are increasingly demanding instantly gratifying and high quality content as well as an at-your-beck-and-call company approach.

Our goal is to address that contemporary reality head-on by re-emphasizing your presence as a brand, a publisher and a tech-savvy thought leader.

How We Will Get You There

We want to give you the tools and thought-driven expertise to manage your sales & downloads, your analytics as well as your digital marginalia feature. By integrating our white-label platform within your eReader app, we effectively help you create a mobile ecosystem through which you are able to engage with your customers and distribute original, attention-grabbing content.

The Specifics

We envision your eReader app not as a standalone offshoot of your website, but as a key compliment to it. Through search engine optimized landing pages, you will convert website hits to downloads and ultimately, to in-app purchases. This will boost sales and downloads while allowing you to play a role in your customer's day-to-day mobile activities when they unlock their phone and sideswipe to that page where your eReader app sits.

The Analytics

Observe. Understand. Know. This 3-step process is key to analyzing your eReader app data and harnessing it. Greater traction means greater responsibility. Your eReader app will seek to soothe confusion by giving you up to date, real time insight on what is selling, when it is selling and how it is selling.

The Digital Marginalia

Your customers will be thrilled to discover that their mobile reading space doubles as an interactive workspace. They will find comfort in knowing they can engage directly with the eReader app you've developed for them by incorporating notes and comments that embellish their mobile reading and writing experience.

Engaging with Your Customers

In-App Purchases and Subscription Models:

Staying the course with your customers largely means tailoring your business model to suit their needs and demands. Your eReader app does this seamlessly by implementing a subscription model and In-App purchase system that reflects the expectations of your customers.

Gift Cards and Coupons

Simplicity is key. That is part of our philosophy and the trending rhetoric of the 21st century. Gift cards and coupons are a timeless method of advertising, but their predominance as physical objects is a thing of the past. Your eReader app makes distributing gift cards and coupons virtually smooth and also nudges desired traction into a tangible, longer-term customer commitment to your content and platform.

Why Our Solution Works and Matters

Nook. Apple. Android. Windows. Kindle. We see RosettaBrand's 12 years of experience and expertise as the perfect ingredients in an eReader app recipe for success, from the development stage to the advanced Apple store homepage. We know marketing. We know publishing. We know brands. Our branded app solution is that quintessential synthesis of all three.

Our role as a digital marketing think tank is a commitment to being prepared, informed and enlightened. Where RosettaBrand succeeds is in our unfailing willingness to think outside the box and approach the digital marketing changes of the infotech era honestly, creatively, proactively and with that spirit of imagination so often missing from the advertising world.

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