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February 03, 2016 13:22 ET

RosettaBrand's Partnership With Harvard Health Publications and the Important Link Between eBooks and Social Media

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - February 03, 2016) - Harvard Health Publications has over 35,000 Facebook likes and 978,000 Twitter followers. Their social media presence is robust and new blog post links, articles, tweets and infographics are posted daily. Harvard Health Publications has maintained its social media presence by practicing what we at RosettaBrand preach, branded content publishing. But that's far from the whole story. Harvard Health Publications is an equally successful ePublisher and that has served only to increase and expand their social media marketing prowess.

When we teamed up with Harvard Health Publications we guided them through the inner workings of the digital publishing world and taught them everything they needed to know about publishing a medical specialist-authored line of eBooks. The Harvard Medical School Guides were born and Harvard Health Publications found themselves at the forefront of what it means to publish branded content that engages directly with an informed customer base through eBooks.

But it also showed us that social media and ePublishing complement each other perfectly and that if done right they could be used as mutual leverage of what we so often talk about here at RosettaBrand: customer engagement.

Combining Reach with Expertise

When the fruit of our labor with Harvard Health Publications first came to light and the Harvard Medical School Guides (including but not limited to Your Brain on Yoga and CEO Psychology: Who Rises, Who Falls and Why) were published online, RosettaBooks CEO Arthur Klebanoff welcomed the news by declaring each original eBook "an important contribution to its field." Dr. Julie Silver, Chief Editor of Books for Harvard Health Publications likewise remarked that the books would "inspire teachers and students alike. (They are) a terrific read for anyone interested in healthcare."

Their sentiments were on point. Harvard Health Publications was about to launch an exciting new way of engaging with their customers digitally by combining reach with expertise. In other words, the Harvard Medical School Guides took the wide access benefits typically associated with Facebook and Twitter and adapted them directly to ePublishing and the knowledge-driven experience of reading a book of several hundred pages.

The understated advantage of seeing the link between social media and ePublishing and then embracing it is that it allows you to do precisely what Harvard Health Publications did. Harvard Health Publications made itself accessible to all and used Facebook and Twitter as constant channels of communication while also reinforcing their expertise and their brand as a hotbed for informed medical professionals, teachers, students and readers by publishing eBooks that would showcase just that. At RosettaBrand we encourage our clients never to shy away from doing both as opposed to one or the other because in today's mishmash of platforms, ideas, practices and mediums, doing more than one thing is essential in order to appeal to more than one customer.

Embracing the 21st Century: The Ease of Social Media Marketing with the Ease of ePublishing

The practical benefits of social media marketing are fairly straightforward. Social media marketing is fast, accessible and inexpensive. And here's the thing, purchasing then downloading then flipping through eBook pages is all those things as well. If there's one thing our partnership with Harvard Health Publications taught us about social media and ePublishing and how one influences the other positively it's that the experience of using social media and reading an eBook are practically speaking one and the same. 

We encourage our clients to think of themselves as ePublishers and social media marketers because much of what we know about content marketing in the 21st century is that it's less about how much money you spend and where and more about timing, simplicity and efficiency. Uniting social media marketing with ePublishing means you're opting for simplicity and efficiency and by extension giving your customers the means to consume the content you put out in exactly the same way.

In other words, you're refining your content delivery system and process to the point of making things easier for your current and future customers. Much of what we learned with Harvard Health Publications was that there was no existing limit to how convenience-driven our work could be in accelerating Harvard's branded content publishing practice. Harvard Health Publications regularly and steadily published blog posts, social media posts, newsletters and news articles and the Harvard Medical School Guides eBook line was a perfect enhancement of that because it extended Harvard Health Publications' services to another market.

Using Social Media to Promote Your eBooks and Vice Versa:

It's worth taking a step back to consider just how much book promotion has changed over time. It used to be that authors relied exclusively on traditional presses and on book reviews in magazines, journals and in newspaper articles in order to even hope to get the word out about their work. Those days are long gone. Facebook pages and popular online blogs can do so much more for authors and their books than yesterday's mediums of outreach ever could.

When it came to Harvard Health Publications, we knew this all too well. Harvard Health Publications already had the following, so what was stopping them from using it to attract attention to their newly published eBook line? Nothing. We believe the 21st century should function according to the principle that everything is part of something else and needs to be treated as such, and that's exactly the mindset with which we used Harvard Health Publications' social media presence as the promotional wing of their newly developed eBook line.

Harvard Health Publications used its Facebook and Twitter pages to disseminate eBook offers, bundle deals as well as catchy and crisply designed online ads to give the Harvard Medical School Guides that initial boost in popularity. It also used landing pages to lead customers from one relevant page to another at the click of a button. Finally, publishing eBooks gave Harvard Health Publications the additional perk of being able to promote their Facebook and Twitter pages via incorporated links within their eBooks. The result? A mutually beneficial branded content publishing ecosystem of the sort we at RosettaBrand consistently advocate in favor of and that we strive tirelessly to deliver for our clients and partners.


Even though social media marketing has been a thing for a while now, it has never been more important. Salesforce's research shows that in 2014 25% of marketers "saw social as a critical enabler of products and services." In 2015 that number took a healthy leap to 64%. Additionally, 66% of marketers "agree that social media marketing is core to their business." The fact of the matter is, it works for a reason and we think that reason is the same one for which ePublishing is fast becoming a leading method of content distribution.

RosettaBrand wants to help you intersect your expertise, your brand and your reach to increase all three. One important way of doing that, as our partnership with Harvard Health Publications has shown, is by seeing ePublishing and social media as the same strand of branded content publishing that gets customers excited, intrigued and curious about you and your brand.

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