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February 01, 2016 11:52 ET

RosettaBrand's Top 5 Unique Branded Content Projects

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - February 01, 2016) - A good branded content project is Creative, Out-of-the-Box,Innovative, and Unique. Being unique and innovative is often the missing ingredient in a recipe for branded content success. We want our clients' branded content projects from eBook lines to online blogs to come bearing the fruits of many, most, and eventually all of the essential characteristics that make high quality branded content high quality. Smart. Meaningful. Beautiful. Witty. Enticing. Intriguing. Thought-Provoking.

We've put together a list of the top 5 Branded Content Projects we think closely inspire innovation and uniqueness to give you a sense of what's out there and to help you channel that creative energy. Take the first step. Join us on our journey through the exciting world of branded content publishing.  RosettaBrand 

  • Squarespace: "At Squarespace, we believe that even the wildest ideas should come to life in a beautiful way." RosettaBrand couldn't agree more. Squarespace's catchy tagline sets the tone for its one of a kind "Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes" project. The Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes, a loosely assembled mixtape of tracks narrated by the iconic and highly likeable actor and meant to help you sleep better allows prospective Squarespace users the ability to learn more about Squarespace in a way that is radically different and memorable. The Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes project brings together all those key elements RosettaBrand promises its client. Branded content projects need to feel new, deliver a punch and lift up an icon ready to act as that company's icon.
  • The Lego Group: What famed and familiar toy company The Lego Group did with The Lego Movie can be seen as branded content genius. It took the risk of immersing itself fully in the art of feature filmmaking and it paid off significantly. What The Lego Movie did for The Lego Group is present the general public with a product, a film, that was captivating, high grossing and that simultaneously allowed The Lego Group to showcase its entire line of Lego toy products. In other words, The Lego Group didn't make a movie for the sake of advertising; it made a successful movie for the sake of making a movie that nonetheless doubled as a brilliant advertising campaign. At RosettaBrand we see that kind of limit pushing mindset as the essence of successful branded content publishing. We encourage our clients from beginning to end to think of themselves as branded content publishers with a determination to publish successful branded content.
  • The Coca-Cola Company: The Coca-Cola Company was for long looking for a way to deliver the best of the best when it came to branded content because of the high expectations placed upon it for its obvious widespread global reputation. When it launched the "Coca-Cola Journey" blog space with the appropriate tagline: "Refreshing the world, one story at a time" it effectively re-branded itself as a proud and willing branded content publisher. "Coca-Cola Journey" allowed the company to personalize itself in a more fun, friendly, quirky manner while engaging with its customers by publishing articles on a mixture of both serious and lighthearted subject matter from ordering coke bottles with your name on them to helping empower entrepreneurship across Africa. RosettaBrand sees thorough branded content publishing as an opportunity for companies to rebrand themselves in much the same fashion as what The Coca-Cola Company did with Coca-Cola Journey. We want our clients to think of themselves not just as branded content publishers, but as branded content publishers with the capacity to redefine their company's tone and message.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a unique success story that all aspiring and established branded content publishers and advertisers need to parse and decipher for their own informative benefit. LinkedIn entered the heavily crowded publishing platform space with the ambition of developing a networking tool that catered specifically to a niche market of social networkers: online professionals. In doing so it made itself instantly relevant to job seeking, job employing professionals and gave them the unique opportunity of curating an archive and content arsenal on all things professional related. In this way, LinkedIn fast became not just a publishing platform but also a branded content publisher in their own right that because of their niche market were able to put out focused, targeted branded content. RosettaBrand aspires to advise and guide its clients on having that same upper hand in publishing. It takes a good creative team, limitless inspiration and clear-headed vision of where your company wants to be.
  • Red Bull: Red Bull truly does it all when it comes to launching radical advertising campaigns that are fresh and unchallenged by most outside competitors. Flying under the tagline flag "Red Bull Gives You Wings," Red Bull has done everything from global extreme sports competitions to Felix Baumgartner's parachute jump from the stratosphere. But what most accurately puts Red Bull firmly on this list is the fact that Red Bull's advertising is built exclusively and intimately around its audience. They've made that connection between energy drink consumers and the fast paced adrenaline-junkie world and have churned out films, TV shows, Tumblr blog posts and other branded content projects accordingly. RosettaBrand always insists on the following: know your audience. Knowing your audience determines your content marketing strategy. In order to help you become a thought leader and dependable branded content publishers, we determine the who, what, when, why or your outreach strategy with the ambition of maximizing it.

Squarespace. LinkedIn. Red Bull. The world is full of companies with unique and innovative branded content strategies. RosettaBrand's ambitions for your company are neither small nor watered down. We want the best for you by helping you cultivate a branded content strategy that is just as if not more unique and innovative than some of the entries in our top 5 and by further distinguishing yourself by becoming the thought leader you ought to be. Becoming a branded content publisher is one thing. Becoming a thought leader is another. Together, they promise to afford you a repertoire of experience, expertise, know-how and success. 

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