May 31, 2005 09:01 ET

RosettaNet and Member Companies Launch Industry Standard to Facilitate Product Material Composition Exchange

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J.--(CCNMatthews - May 31, 2005) -

RosettaNet and its member companies, Agilent Technologies, National Semiconductor, NEC Electronics, Nokia, Sony, STMicroelectronics, and Texas Instruments, recently announced that the industry standard for exchanging product material composition is now ready for use. The solution is the RosettaNet Partner Interface Process® (PIP®) for material composition. RosettaNet is the technology industry's leading e-business process consortium and a subsidiary of the Uniform Code Council, Inc. ® (UCC®), soon to be GS1 US™.

Gathering information on material composition is a challenging new task for the global industry. RosettaNet's member companies have recognized the need to know and disseminate the chemical composition of their products in order to satisfy global legislation, drive environmental improvements in design, and to be capable of providing information for customers and stakeholders when required. To meet compliance requirements of recent European Union Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directives, information about the material composition of all components and bulk materials that go into the manufacturing of products must be available and shared across multiple tiers of the supply chain by July 6, 2006.

In practice, satisfying global legislation means meeting material bans, restrictions, and recycling targets; informing recyclers of potentially hazardous materials; and meeting mandatory safety requirements. Environmental improvements are driven through reduction or elimination of unfriendly materials, and improvements in recyclability at the end of the product's life.

The challenge in identifying material composition lies in the material content itself and the gathering and exchange of this information. Traditionally there has not been any widely recognized global industry standard to address the issue. The absence of a standard solution has resulted in an additional burden for suppliers.

Implementation of the RosettaNet Partner Interface Process in business process integration allows industry to automate the exchange of this information between business partners. It enables companies to acquire the material composition in an efficient and standardized way, while minimizing manual efforts.

"The RosettaNet Partner Interface Process for material composition provides the first standards-based solution for this important global, environmental mandate," said President of RosettaNet Herman Stiphout. "We applaud Nokia and our other member companies who have committed to implementing this important e-business process standard. This is a further illustration of the value that comes when more than 500 world-leading organizations collaborate to create, implement, and promote open global e-business process standards and services."

"Open e-business processes and a common language are crucial to the evolution of an industry-wide trading network. Material composition is a natural part of our product information, so we are clearly able to benefit from using the global standards that RosettaNet provides for the industry," said Jean-Francois Baril, Senior Vice President, Sourcing & Procurement, Nokia, on behalf of the whole participating team.

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RosettaNet, a subsidiary of the Uniform Code Council, Inc.® (UCC®), soon to be GS1 US™, is a non-profit consortium dedicated to the collaborative development and rapid deployment of open, e-business process standards that align processes within global trading networks. RosettaNet standards and services provide a common language for e-business transactions and the foundation for integrating critical processes among partners within the global supply chain. Companies that use RosettaNet's proven standards benefit from added cost-savings throughout supply chain processes, improved e-business communications with trading partners, enhanced product life cycle management capabilities, and added customer satisfaction. For more information about RosettaNet, visit

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