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Roshad Optical

October 21, 2013 10:00 ET

Roshad Optical Celebrates Forty Years of Fitting Families with Stunning, High-Quality, Affordable Glasses with an Exciting October Sale

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Oct. 21, 2013) - Roshad Optical -

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In an age where designer glasses can be purchased at half the price online, Roshad Optical still corners the market on real-time customer service, offering beautiful, well-made frames and high-quality lenses. There is a reason they do so well in such a competitive market.

"It's about the whole experience at Roshad Optical," explains Liz Phillips, a loyal customer. "You will find every kind of frame to suit your style. But more than that, having someone check where your eyes fall within a frame, or which frame would make most sense for your prescription, or the best way to interpret your prescription for your particular needs - should you go with a single progressive or two pairs of glasses? - is valuable advice you'll never find online."

Andrew Rho, the administrator at Roshad Optical explains that the industry has become dominated by inexpensive eyewear that is not properly dispensed, paying little attention to safety and manufacturing tolerances set out by the federal governing bodies, all the while leading the consumer to believe that what they are getting is just as good.

"Providing quality information has always been a cornerstone at Roshad Optical," says Rhonda Shadlyn, who inherited the shop from her father. "It's about transparency, which builds trust."

Ms. Shadlyn adds, "We get customers coming in here all the time who have purchased frames online that simply don't suit the shape of their face, or lenses that don't make sense for their prescription/lifestyle. They ask if we can fix the problem, which we are happy to do if we can, for us, it's about ensuring our customers are getting superior eyewear in the end."

After forty years of a thriving family business, Roshad Optical continues to enjoy steady success, providing excellence in mom-and-pop-shop services that have stood the test of time.

Dr. Harry J. Shadlyn established Roshad Optical in 1974 to fill a void he saw in the market. He wanted to ensure his patients had a place to fill their prescriptions where the primary focus was optical purity and patient care.

Following in his footsteps, his daughter, Rhonda Shadlyn, took over Roshad Optical in 1989. Known for her ability to fit the unfittable beautifully while providing the unmatched lens quality on which Roshad has built its reputation, Ms. Shadlyn added her flair for fashion to her father's gold standards in optics and customer service. Roshad Optical's diverse, quality selection remains one of the most admired and respected in the city.

As 2013 winds down, Roshad Optical is thrilled to celebrate its 40th anniversary by giving back to its loyal customers. For the month of October, Ms. Shadlyn will be offering all frames with house branded, fully featured, single-vision lenses at no additional charge. In addition, high-prescription glasses will have no additional charges for the required thinning to make the glasses lightweight.

"I want to remind everyone of the man who started it all," says Ms. Shadlyn. "The man, my father, who took so much time to properly serve people - no rushing, no short cuts - 'only good clean optics' he always said to me. We still operate on his principles, taking time to properly educate people about their options, and going the extra mile as often as possible to turn out better glasses."

Visit Rhonda and her staff at their location @ 684 College Street, Toronto, ON, M6G 1C1.

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