Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

September 28, 2010 22:01 ET

Rossi Brings New Message as Mayoral Field Shrinks

Challenges Ford and Smitherman to Let Voters Recall Them If Elected; Asks Toronto CUPE Members to Think Hard About Who They Want to Face Across the Bargaining Table

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 28, 2010) - As the mayoral field shrinks, Rocco Rossi used two debates this evening to highlight the unsatisfactory choice facing Torontonians by challenging frontrunners Rob Ford and George Smitherman to allow voters to recall them if elected. He also challenged Councillor Ford and Mr. Smitherman to present real fiscal plans that don't rely on the Province for money (Smitherman), and offers real political leadership that doesn't simply rely on city staff to find the savings (Ford).

Rossi also urged CUPE members who have parked their support with the stalled candidacy of Joe Pantalone to think hard about who they want to face across the bargain table. 

"It's bad enough that we're facing an unsatisfactory choice, but we don't even have the power of recall," said Rossi. "What we're seeing is the unwillingness of Torontonians to give either of these guys a four year blank cheque. I will give Torontonians the right to recall their mayor and councillors."

Rossi, who marched in Toronto's Labour Day parade and is in favour of the Fair Wage Policy, also urged Toronto CUPE workers to think hard about who they want to face across the bargaining table. 

"Yesterday, both Ford and Smitherman promised massive layoffs at City hall without any real commitment to talk it through," said Rossi. "If I was a CUPE member reading that I'd be very afraid. We don't have to blow up the city or break the unions to build a new Toronto. What is needed is a partnership with city staff and fair approach to managing the taxpayers money. Wouldn't you rather deal with a truthful mayor, who will be straightforward on the fiscal challenges, and who will be able to bargain fairly, as opposed to someone who has weakened the city with a wildly unrealistic financial "plan", leaving nothing for the bargaining table?" 

Rocco Rossi is also the only Mayoral candidate calling for term limits, 3 terms for councillor and 2 for mayor, to promote real change, real action, and give Torontonians a fresh set of ideas and candidates on regular intervals. Not surprisingly, non of his rivals, career politicians, support term limits.

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