Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

October 07, 2010 09:57 ET

Rossi Slams Sewell Appointment as Same-Old Meaningless Patronage

Smitherman hollowing out platform to court strategic voters, says Rossi

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 7, 2010) - Rocco Rossi issued the following statement this morning ahead of the promised appointment of John Sewell to head a government reform commission in exchange for supporting George Smitherman. 

"This is municipal patronage of the worst kind. With every Pantalone supporter he brings on board Smitherman comes under greater control of the union bosses. We can no longer be sure he will privatize waste or introduce managed competition for city services. He is hollowing out his platform in a Hail Mary attempt to avoid defeat. 

"John Sewell had his chance to reform government 30 years ago. He fought with the police and was chased from office. He brings nothing new to City Hall, just more of the same.

"Torontonians don't need a costly commission to reform government. They need a mayor who will hit the ground running to bring change to City Hall. 

"That is why I am using this campaign to talk about my ideas for reforming government which include voter recall, term limits for the mayor and councillors and a reduced council with four deputy mayors from the former boroughs.

"Strategic voting always produces an inferior result. The best strategy is to vote for the best candidate, period. That's why I'm in this race to the finish."

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