Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

September 27, 2010 16:47 ET

Rossi: Small Crowd Shows Smitherman Out of Ideas, Out of Steam

Mayoral Candidate Rocco Rossi Says Torontonians Looking to Stop Rob Ford Must Turn to Him

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 27, 2010) - Fresh from a doorknocking blitz in Chinatown and North Toronto Rocco Rossi dismissed rival George Smitherman's re-announcement of old proposals at the Economic Club as "stale thinking from a stalled candidate."

"The question Torontonians want answered is 'who can stop Rob Ford'," said Rossi. "After today's speech it's clear it won't be George Smitherman."

Speaking in the same banquet room but to a crowd less than half the size Rossi addressed last Monday, Smitherman presented a stand pat speech heavily reliant on provincial government support to the city and TTC, none of which are guaranteed.

Rossi said he was concerned about Smitherman's lack of numbers and lack of a plan that led him to muse about cutting the budget for transportation and parks and recreation in a scrum following his announcement.

"Mr. Smitherman has no plan and no numbers," said Rossi. "That's why he's grasping at these cuts to parks & recreation and transportation, two of the services voters depend most on."

Smitherman's speech today introduced no ideas new to the race and, though billed as a comprehensive financial package, amounted to a composition of old announcements and ideas already brought to the table by Rossi, such as the sale of certain city assets.

"I guess I should be grateful that Mr. Smitherman now endorses my plan to sell certain non-essential city assets after attacking me for months," said Rossi. "He doesn't have the vision to be mayor or the financial credibility to be budget chief.

"Mr. Smitherman is out of steam and out of ideas."

Rossi said that he would continue to bring Torontonians together to take back City Hall.

"Today I announced our Talking to Torontonians Tour where people from across the city will join me to knock on doors in all 44 wards.

"We're listening to Torontonians because my campaign isn't about me, it's about us," said Rossi. "At the door people are asking for someone who can stop Rob Ford. I am asking all Torontonians to come together to take back our City Hall. Together we can."

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