Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

September 23, 2010 13:56 ET

Rossi, Wood Vow to Relieve Toronto's Parking Headache

Pair Vow to End 'Gotcha' Moment That Pits Officers Against Citizen; These Reforms Would Also Make Appeals and Permits Easier to Obtain

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 23, 2010) - Rocco Rossi joined Jennifer Wood, a leading candidate for Council in Toronto-Danforth (Ward 29) on the Danforth today to endorse a sensible plan to fix Toronto's parking enforcement system.

"Many parking tickets aren't about improving safety or reducing congestion, they're about creating revenue for the City" said Rossi.

Rossi joined Wood in calling for a ten-minute grace period for pay meters, allowing Torontonians to appeal unfair parking tickets online and by mail, and making overnight parking permits available.

Rossi noted that unless City Hall stops treating Torontonians like "cash cows" and introduces a flexible, reasonable approach to parking enforcement, public frustration with the City will grow.

Rossi praised Toronto's parking control officers for doing a good job under difficult circumstances and said these reforms will make their job easier and safer.

"We want to remove the 'gotcha' moment that frustrates all of us -- that moment when you're ticketed for being 5 minutes late back to your car – in favour of kinder, gentler enforcement," said Rossi.

Jennifer Wood, leading candidate for City Council in Toronto-Danforth (Ward 29), said that voters in her Ward were fed-up with City Hall because of its unreasonable approach to issues such as parking enforcement.

"For residents, parking has become frustrating and full of red tape, and for the City it is an easy cash grab" said Wood. "It's time to make our parking system work for residents and businesses, not against them."

Wood, who has knocked on every door in the Ward, said changes to parking enforcement will deliver a real boost for Toronto-Danforth: "It's going to make a positive difference in our lives everyday."

Rossi and Wood have endorsed each other's candidacies.

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