Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

October 05, 2010 20:10 ET

Rossi's "Together We Can" Vision Widely Praised

Mayoral Candidate's Platform Book Receives Accolades

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 5, 2010) - Rocco Rossi unveiled his platform book, Together We Can, at a major press conference earlier today.

Featuring a comprehensive fiscal plan and Rossi's vision for the city, Together We Can has already received widespread praise:

  • "Rocco Rossi has released a clear and detailed plan on how he would balance Toronto's 2011 operating budget." – Toronto Board of Trade, October 5th
  • "Rob Ford and George Smitherman both pledging to reduce staffing levels at some city departments, cost-cutting is a familiar refrain in Toronto's mayoral race. Mr. Rossi, however, goes a step further." – Anna Mahler Paperny, Globe & Mail, October 5th
  • "The Toronto Board of Trade likes the plan, calling it clear, detailed, and achievable." – CBC News, October 5th
  • "[Rossi's] budget plan, unveiled on Monday, is notable for its prudence." – Marcus Gee, Globe & Mail, October 5th
  • "The man is not just classy and articulate — a true Goodfella, to borrow from his recently released campaign ads — but he has actually produced a fiscal action plan for next year and beyond that makes good sense." – Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun, October 5th
  • "Rossi unveiled a plan that is actually modest and sane." – John Michael McGrath, Toronto Life, October 5th 
  • "Rossi's plan is being praised in some quarters as the most realistic of the four." – Robyn Doolittle, Toronto Star, October 5th 
  •  "Both Mr. Ford and Mr. Smitherman want voters to believe they can have wildly expensive new transit lines, better services and lower taxes. Mr. Rossi thinks that's bunk." – Marcus Gee, Globe & Mail, October 5th
  • "Another thing that sets Rossi's plan apart is that it does not rely on the province to ride to the city's fiscal rescue." – John Michael McGrath, Toronto Life, October 5th
  • "I commend Rossi on the idea of producing a downloadable book. With the election 3 weeks away, we've heard lots of numbers and ideas from the candidates and the message from them is getting lost." – MyTorontoNews.Com, October 5th
  • "Mr. Rossi is a smart, well-spoken and energetic candidate, impressive both in public and private. The son of Italian immigrants, he has a feel for the city's multicultural makeup and a grasp of the challenges faced by newcomers. Although he has never run for office, he is an experienced political organizer and business executive." – Marcus Gee, Globe & Mail, October 5th

The Together We Can platform book is available online at

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