SOURCE: Roto-Rooter Minneapolis

November 26, 2012 06:00 ET

Roto-Rooter Minneapolis Explains Ways Older Homes Can Cause High Water Bills

As Many Americans Make Lifestyle Changes in the Face of the Evolving Housing Market, Many May Choose to Move Into Older Homes; Although Older Homes Can Offer Solid Structures and History, Roto-Rooter Explains That Plumbing Systems May Require Attention to Prevent Higher-Than-Usual Water Bills

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - Nov 26, 2012) - Although no one can be sure of the projected long-term success and growth of the current housing market, recent headlines have suggested a wide array of economic responses. For example, construction spending has risen in the creation of residential properties and many have opted to pursue rentals instead of owning a new home. While there may be new homes on the market, Roto-Rooter Minneapolis explains that many homes available for rent or for purchase could be older. The trusted plumbing company notes that older properties, although quaint, can present a variety of plumbing problems that need immediate intention.

Such is the case of one homeowner, who recently expressed his concerns in a new article from The Republic. In the article, this Indiana homeowner states, "My family and I recently moved into a small, older home connected to our local water and sewer utilities. Well, I was very surprised to see our first water and sewer bills, and now realize we have to start conserving water to lower these costly utility bills." Roto-Rooter Minneapolis explains that while the initial utility bills can be shocking, if immediate attention is made, families can upgrade their older homes to save money and water.

The article responds to the homeowner's question by suggesting that the family first inspect for leaks that may be present and have developed over time. In a recent press statement, Roto-Rooter Minneapolis adds, "It is crucial to detect leaks, or have a professional find and resolve them, so that homes can return to full working order and keep families from wasting water."

Other solutions that can help families overcome high water bills in older homes deal with upgrades. As the article suggests, many homes can benefit from introducing new showerheads and Ultra-Efficient low-flow toilets that use just 1.28 gallons per flush compared to older toilets that can use as much a 7 gallons per flush. As a plumbing company that specializing in providing eco-friendly solutions to homeowners, Roto-Rooter Minneapolis concludes in its press statements, "Our team of trusted plumbing professionals can help install new Ultra-Efficient EPA WaterSense toilet models, or even help retrofit existing plumbing fixtures with water-saving features. We also recommend that homeowners of older homes inspect the quality and age of their water heater, as older models can waste a lot of energy. Roto-Rooter Minneapolis offers professional installation of tankless water heaters and general water heater maintenance to make sure that our customers are getting the most out of their plumbing systems."


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