SOURCE: Roto-Rooter Minneapolis

December 03, 2012 06:00 ET

Roto-Rooter Minneapolis Urges Homeowners to Inspect Water Heater When Odor Occurs

Plumbing Experts Have Recently Addressed Homeowner Concerns Regarding Foul Odors, Citing Water Heaters as a Potential Cause; Roto-Rooter Minneapolis Encourages Homeowners to Take Immediate Action When They Experience These Kinds of Plumbing Issues

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - Dec 3, 2012) - As many homeowners are aware, properties are often full of surprises that may require immediate or regular maintenance. According to a recent article from The Chicago Daily Herald, such is the case with foul odors experienced in homes. These mysterious odors are often concerning and confusing to residents living in the homes. As the article reveals, oftentimes these unpleasant smells are the result of some kind of plumbing issue. While there are many types of plumbing problems that can lead to foul odors, the article specifically notes water heaters as a possible source of scents that smell like "rotten eggs." As a company that has continued to provide top-notch plumbing and drain services throughout the years, Roto-Rooter Minneapolis urges residents to take note of these smells and to learn how to identify and correct them.

According to Roto-Rooter Minneapolis, half the battle of resolving plumbing issues is learning how to detect and identify the source of the problem. As the article suggests, those who experience putrid "rotten egg" smells are likely to find that their water heater needs attention. In the article, a reader poses a question about a similar smell that had seemed to develop from a recently replaced water heater. The article answers, "Rotten egg smell often results when certain chemicals in the water eat away at the magnesium sacrificial anode rod installed in water heaters to protect the tank's metal interior lining... It appears as if the new heater's anode rod is being attacked early in the life of the heater. This phenomenon occurs when water has been sitting in the heater for hours."

The article also recommends that individuals facing this issue have their water tested to find out if the quality of the resource has degraded. Often, the installation of a water softener and/or a filtration and treatment system will tame minerals and bacteria found in water sources that contribute to plumbing damage and unpleasant odors. 

In a recent press statement, Roto-Rooter Minneapolis adds, "Water heaters are an important appliance that homeowners should have checked once every couple of years by a professional. Not only can water heaters face damage from the presence of minerals found in 'hard' water, but the device may also start to prematurely corrode, leak or deliver inadequate temperatures if left unattended."

Roto-Rooter Minneapolis provides a wide array of home plumbing services, including the inspection, repair and replacement of water heaters. Roto-Rooter Minneapolis also recommends that those who have continuous odor issues related to water heaters should look into purchasing a tankless "on-demand" water heater or having a water softener installed to help protect all household plumbing components from damaging minerals.


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