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August 26, 2005 11:44 ET


Garth Collings takes medalist honours Attention: Sports Editor, Travel/Tourism Editor CHARLOTTETOWN--(CCNMatthews - Aug. 26, 2005) - Play resumed at 7:30 am this morning with the completion of the third-round. A cut to the low 32 players was made and the first round of match play will begin at 12:00 pm.

Garth Collings of Matlock, Man. held his lead shooting a final-round 74 for a three day stroke-play-total of 214 to take medalist honours and the top seed going into match play. Mark Brewer of Pickering, Ont. finished one stroke back at one-under-par while Senan Foley of Calgary, Alta. and Bruce North of St Norbert, Man. finished tied for third at even-par 216.

A complete list of players, stroke play results and match play brackets for the 2005 Canadian Mid-Amateur Championship can be found at

The following are final qualifying scores for Friday, August 26, 2005:

1-Garth Collings -Matlock, MB -68-72-74--2
2-Mark Brewer -Pickering, ON -74-72-69--1
T3 -Senan Foley -Calgary, AB -73-74-69-E
Bruce North -St Norbert, MB-70-75-71-E
T5 -Christopher Henri -Beaconsfield, QC -78-70-69-1
Tom Skinner -Red Deer, AB -73-77-67-1
Robert Gibson -Toronto, ON -75-72-70-1
Ernie Sheaves -Fort McMurray, AB -73-74-70-1
David Schultz -Calgary, AB -72-73-72-1
Rob Collins -Yarmouth, NS -72-72-73-1
T11 -Gerry MacMillan -Kingston, NS -74-76-68-2
Graham Cooke -Hudson, QC -73-74-71-2
Ron Pearson -Kitchener, ON -75-71-72-2
Tim Yorke -Kensington, PE -75-70-73-2
T15 -Bill Swartz -Georgetown, ON -74-74-71-3
Dave Shellington -Charlottetown, PE -73-74-72-3
Peter Malo -Beaconsfield, QC -68-78-73-3
Jim Briggs -Fenwick, ON -71-75-73-3
-Dan Coulombe -Fredericton, NB -73-73-73-3
T20 -Colin Coben -Delisle, SK-73-76-71-4
Richard York -Fredericton, NB -70-79-71-4
Mel Murray -Fredericton, NB -74-74-72-4
Michael McGuire -Halifax, NS -73-74-73-4
Mike Mannion -Gibsons, BC-70-77-73-4
Rob Cowan -Waterloo , ON -77-69-74-4
T26 -Bob Brown -Fredericton, NB -73-74-74-5
Gary Melanson -Woodstock, NB -72-74-75-5
Alan Stewart -Grande Prairie, AB -71-82-68-5
Karl Parrington -Saskatoon, SK -69-77-75-5
Roddy Willis -Charlottetown, PE -71-75-75-5
T31 -Bill Cameron -Duck Lake, SK -71-76-75-6
Michael Jackson -Collingwood, ON -70-76-76-6
---missed cut----
T33 -Norman Bradley -Kelowna, BC -76-73-74-7
Rick Hallberg -Weyburn, SK -80-73-70-7
T35 -Kelly Roberts -London, ON -76-73-75-8
Ken Comeau -Riverview, NB -74-74-76-8
John Hewlin -Bradenton, FL -75-75-74-8
Serge Dagenais -Vaudreuil - Dorion, QC-73-75-76-8
John Archibald -Truro, NS -72-72-80-8
T40 -Harry Ferguson -Invermere, BC -73-77-75-9
Peter Stirling -Bedford, NS -73-75-77-9
Todd Wiseman -Calgary, AB -74-76-75-9
John Gallacher -Burnaby , BC -74-77-74-9
T44 -Randall Oka -Montréal, QC -74-80-72-10
John Schurman -Summerside, PE -75-80-71-10
Dale Kinnie -Moncton, NB -72-78-76-10
David Buker -Calgary, AB -74-76-76-10
Darren Ritchie -Quispamsis, NB -71-76-79-10
Paul Batchelor -Bedford, NS -74-77-75-10
Brent Armstrong -Winnipeg, MB -75-76-75-10
Robert Legros -Calgary, AB -77-75-74-10
Alan Gladwin -Bedford, NS -71-75-80-10
Frank Van Dornick -Camrose, AB -82-71-73-10
T54 -Steven Ward -New Minas, NS-75-74-78-11
Tom Dixon -Burnaby, BC -78-73-76-11
T56 -Brian Laubman -Edmonton, AB -76-79-73-12
Claude Charpentier -Sherbrooke, QC -79-74-75-12
Bob Faulkner -St. John's, NF -78-76-74-12
Kenny Innis -Charlottetown, PE -76-78-74-12
T60 -Al Jensen -Ottawa, ON -76-82-71-13
Rick Burton -Fort McMurray, AB -75-75-79-13
Frank Morris -Guelph, ON -78-74-77-13
Richard McCullough -Cornwall, ON -76-76-77-13
Chris Ingram -Brampton, ON -77-75-77-13
Dominic Belmonte -Whitby, ON -78-75-76-13
T66 -Jeff Cooke -Stratford, PE -79-80-71-14
Alexandre Lauzon -St-Eustache, QC -74-76-80-14
Wally Keating -London, ON -73-78-79-14
Al MacDonald -Charlottetown, PE -74-78-78-14
Ron Boyles -Charlottetown, PE -77-77-76-14
T71 -Grant Somers -Summerside, PE -79-76-76-15
Paul Harris -Vancouver, BC -77-77-77-15
Yousef Hashmi -Charlottetown, PE -80-80-71-15
David Anderson -Winnipeg, MB -74-75-82-15
Tom Hodgins -Newmarket, ON -74-79-78-15
T76 -Cameron Hreljac -Bowmanville, ON -78-77-77-16
Edward Dumeah -Fall River, NS -75-81-76-16
Jeff Van Vliet -Dorchester, ON -79-77-76-16
Erwin Banks -Nictaux, NS -74-78-80-16
T80 -David Shupe -Halifax, NS -78-77-78-17
Kevin Banks -Kingston, NS -81-74-78-17
Paul Brown -Vancouver, BC -79-76-78-17
Fraser Keays -Beaford, NS -77-81-75-17
Ernest Corrigan -Charlottetown, PE -81-77-75-17
Derrick Forgeron -Porters Lake, NS -78-81-74-17
T86 -John Behan -Whitby, ON -74-81-79-18
Michel Labelle -Ste-Anne des Lacs, QC-80-77-77-18
Gary Ritchie -Yarmouth, NS -79-78-77-18
David Hilchey -Bedford, NS -83-78-73-18
Scott Dutton -Calgary, AB -74-86-74-18
James Jackson -Bridgewater, NS -78-75-81-18
Robert Goss -Welland, ON -80-74-80-18
T93 -Robert Allan -Halifax, NS -78-76-81-19
Marty Koughan -Pownal, PE -79-78-78-19
Dave Webber -Dartmouth, NS -80-77-78-19
Cliff Lowrey Jr. -Amherst, NS -80-80-75-19
Richard Rousseau -Montréal, QC -81-73-81-19
T98 -George McGuigan -Fort McMurray, AB -77-79-80-20
Bob Skanes -Gander, NF -75-83-78-20
Bill Enright -Windsor, NS -78-80-78-20
T101 -Rick Dodds-Hebron -Brampton, ON -79-84-74-21
Kevin Campbell -Red Deer, AB -79-84-74-21
Robert Corrigan -Charlottetown, PE -86-76-75-21
Jamie Vessey -Charlottetown, PE -83-78-76-21
Paul Tidman -Kingston, NS -81-77-79-21
T106 -John Taylor -Hallville, ON -77-80-81-22
Brian McCulloch -Medicine Hat, AB -79-79-80-22
John Havill -Hammonds Plains, NS -83-76-79-22
109-Talbot (Rick) Gray -Enfield, NS -77-80-82-23
T110 -Chuck Conley -Goose Bay, NF -83-81-77-25
Dave Roberts -St. John's, NF -82-80-79-25
Daniel Leblanc -Clare, NS -80-78-83-25
Bruce Wilson -Burlington, ON -81-79-81-25
114-Ron Vaive -Charlottetown, PE -78-81-83-26
T115 -Bob Webber -Dartmouth, NS -85-78-80-27
Brian Katchnoski -Winnipeg, MB -86-77-80-27
Sandy Chisholm -Dartmouth, NS -82-81-80-27
Michael McKenzie -Dartmouth, NS -82-80-81-27
119-Jim McIlroy -Bowmanville, ON -80-82-82-28
T120 -Mark Starodub -Selkirk, MB -77-84-84-29
Don Swirhun -Edmonton, AB -76-84-85-29
T122 -Al Dube -Hammonds Plains, NS -78-87-81-30
Chris Hughes -Halifax, NS -82-79-85-30
Banks Scott -St. John's, NF -76-84-86-30
T125 -Les Smith -Greenwood, NS -85-83-80-32
Richard Page -Riverview, NB -84-83-81-32
127-Jean Duguay -Lac Beauport, QC-81-89-85-39
Jerry Maatman -Winnetka, IL - - - -DQ
Paul Houvener -Bothell, WA - - - -DQ
Dimitri Neonakis -Halifax, NS -73-80- -WD
Greg Ball -Dublin, OH -76-78- -WD
Rick Anderson -Bowmanville, ON -84- - -DQ
Scott Taylor -Guelph, ON -75-81- -WD
Richard Boudreau -l'île des Soeurs, QC-77-81- -WD
Yvan Rheault -Joliette, QC -78-81- -WD
Brent Quinn -Ajax, ON -81-78- -WD
David MacLean -Halifax, NS -88- - -WD
Jim Bursey -Kanata, ON -83-78- -WD
Mickey Batten -Chateauguay, QC -82-79- -WD
Michael Mahaney -Oakfield , NS -78-83- -WD
D. Glenn Llewellyn -Halifax, NS -83-79- -WD
Peter Nabi -Ottawa, ON -83-79- -WD
Rick Walsh -Portuguese Cove, NS-83-80- -WD
Joseph MacDonald -Mount Stewart, PE -82-83- -WD
David Connolly -Cornwall, PE -83-84- -WD
Donald Missere -Sault Ste. Marie, ON-84-84- -WD
Francois Veillette -Kingsey Falls, QC -84-87- -WD

The following are first round match play pairings for Friday, August 26, 2005:

1 - 12:00 PM #1 Garth Collings (Matlock, MB) vs #32 Michael Jackson (Collingwood, ON)

2 - 12:09 PM #16 Dave Shellington (Charlottetown, PEI) vs #17 Peter Malo (Beaconsfield, QC)

3 - 12:18 PM #8 Ernie Sheaves (Fort McMurray, AB) vs #25 Rob Cowan (Waterloo, ON)

4 - 12:27 PM #9 David Schultz (Calgary, AB) vs #24 Mike Mannion (Gibsons, BC)

5 - 12:36 PM #4 Bruce North (St Norbert, MB) vs #29 Karl Parrington (Saskatoon, SK)

6 - 12:45 PM #13 Ron Pearson (Kitchener, ON) vs #20 Colin Coben (Delisle, SK)

7 - 12:54 PM #5 Christopher Henri (Beaconsfield, QC) vs #28 Alan Stewart (Grande Prairie, AB)

8 - 1:03 PM #12 Graham Cooke (Hudson, QC) vs #21 Richard York (Fredericton, NB)

9 - 1:12 PM #2 Mark Brewer (Pickering, ON) vs #31 Bill Cameron (Duck Lake, SK)

10 - 1:21 PM #15 Bill Swartz (Georgetown, ON) vs #18 Jim Briggs (Fenwick, ON)

11 - 1:30 PM #7 Robert Gibson (Toronto, ON) vs #26 Bob Brown (Fredericton, NB)

12 - 1:39 PM #10 Rob Collins (Yarmouth, NS) vs #23 Michael McGuire (Halifax, NS)

13 - 1:48 PM #3 Senan Foley (Calgary, AB) vs #30 Roddy Willis (Charlottetown, PEI)

14 - 1:57 PM #14 Tim Yorke (Kensington, PEI) vs #19 Dan Coluombe (Fredericton, NB)

15 - 2:06 PM #6 Tom Skinner (Red Deer, AB) vs #27 Gary Melanson (Woodstock, NB)

16 - 2:15 PM #11 Gerry MacMillan (Kingston, NS) vs #22 Mel Murray (Fredericton, NB)

The Canadian Men's Mid-Amateur Championship is open to male amateur golfers who have reached the age of 40 by August 23, 2005 and are members of a club belonging to the RCGA or clubs in other countries, which are in good standing with their respective associations.

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