June 18, 2015 13:00 ET

Routific Brings Advanced Fleet Optimization to Any Business Competing in the World of On-Demand

Routific Eliminates Hours of Planning and Driving Time, With Up to 40% Shorter Routes for Entire Fleets

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - June 18, 2015) - [Routific] (, the world's most innovative route optimization service, launches today in San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Toronto and Vancouver. Routific helps companies become radically more efficient and profitable, by finding the optimal route between multiple stops for entire fleets.

Never before has route optimization been more important than with the rise of the on-demand economy. Customers expect delivery of whatever they want, exactly when and where is most convenient for them. Until now, small businesses did not have the resources to provide this model of service, falling behind large enterprises with advanced fleet management systems. Routific changes all that, enabling these companies to keep up with customer expectations and grow their business in the age of delivery.

Routific has already optimized hundreds of thousands of routes around the world. Business owners and fleet managers have won back hours of planning and driving time, with up to 40% shorter routes. This translates to significant cost savings in fuel, and has allowed them to serve more customers with fewer drivers and vehicles.

"We searched high and low for the perfect routing application, and were over the moon when we found Routific - a seamless solution that's beautifully engineered for today's modern and competitive businesses entrenched in the world of delivery," said Sarah Edwards, CEO of DiaperKind, a company that delivers organic cloth diapers across New York City.

"The Routific team has been so attentive to my needs and my business, and I'm delighted to be saving hours every day with a fantastic solution that makes it fast, easy and (dare I say) fun to plan my routes every day!"

Routific takes the guesswork out of fleet scheduling. It's the only service of its kind that takes into account:

  • time windows
  • vehicle and visit types
  • load capacities
  • traffic simulation
  • pickup and delivery constraints

It also comes with a mobile app built specifically for drivers, allowing them to easily view their daily schedule and track progress.

"We started Routific because we saw a real need for change," said Routific founder and CTO Marc Kuo. "Many delivery businesses still rely on pen and paper, and sometimes a roomful of dispatchers to figure out really complex logistics each and every day. We want to give business owners a smarter, faster and more efficient way to do their routing."

As an official Climate Smart "Solutions Provider", Routific is committed to helping delivery businesses lower their fuel emissions while cutting costs. "We're thrilled to be working with innovative and forward-thinking companies like Routific," said Climate Smart President Elizabeth Sheehan. "We are happy to recommend Routific to companies eager to curb energy use, save money, and gain a competitive advantage."

About Routific

Routific was founded in Vancouver, Canada and is accelerated by [Axiom Zen] (, a startup foundry that creates, scales and invests in companies on the cutting-edge of technology.

About Axiom Zen

Axiom Zen is a technology incubator and startup foundry with offices in Vancouver, San Francisco and Santiago. We help emerging founders build iconic startups. Current companies include: [Timeline] (, [Routific] (, and [ZenHub] ( Axiom Zen is currently home to other portfolio companies focused on consumer mobile, B2B SaaS, consumer on-demand, wearables, augmented reality and machine learning.

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