SOURCE: Roving Planet, Inc.

April 12, 2005 08:00 ET

Roving Planet's New AP Commander Manages Multi-Vendor Access Point Networks From a Single Console

Auto-Discovery and Auto-Correct Enabled Software Enhances Wi-Fi Security While Minimizing Time Spent on Wireless LAN Infrastructure Management

WESTMINSTER, CO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 12, 2005 -- Roving Planet, a leading provider of integrated wireless LAN security and management solutions, today announced the immediate availability of Roving Planet AP Commander™, a new product that centralizes access point configuration and firmware management from a single console. AP Commander seamlessly manages industry-leading enterprise access points from Cisco, Avaya, Proxim, 3Com and many others.

Roving Planet AP Commander automatically discovers and manages every access point on a campus wireless network, or in a distributed Wi-Fi environment, through its continuous configuration and firmware management process. AP Commander "remembers" approved settings and makes automatic corrections whenever unauthorized external changes are detected. As part of its reporting features, an inventory system keeps an accurate history of all configuration and firmware updates for each access point.

"Auto discovery is a necessary feature in WLAN management solutions today," said Gartner analyst Rachna Ahlawat. "To ensure the security and successful management of a wireless network all of the access points must be identified and assessed."

The University of Wyoming actively participated in the Roving Planet AP Commander beta program. After testing several competing products, University of Wyoming IT Engineer Justin Borthwick decided that AP Commander provided the most secure management option while decreasing the time IT staff needed to manage the network infrastructure.

"We had evaluated other products, prior to testing Roving Planet AP Commander, and found them to be very static and inflexible," said Borthwick. "With AP Commander, I spend less time deploying and managing access points due to the many customization options that are available. For example, instead of a static template, AP Commander uses a highly accommodating design for configuration management, and even allows changes to the information presented in the user interface."

"Many organizations that have deployed wireless networks are seeking a third-party tool to provide consistent management across multiple vendors, and a more customizable user interface that presents the pertinent information to the IT Administrator," stated Greg Mesch, President and CEO of Roving Planet. "AP Commander gives these organizations a scalable tool with automated features to lessen the time spent managing their wireless infrastructure."

Key Features of AP Commander include:

-- Multi-vendor support
Consistently manage all your access points, regardless of manufacturer,
from a single, centrally-located console.

-- Auto-Features
Automate your work, by discovering your access points, detecting
configuration settings, providing integral monitoring and alerting, even
auto-correcting configuration changes.

-- Complete historical reports for troubleshooting, auditing
Review all configuration changes, firmware updates in chronological order.

-- Flexible Configuration Options
AP Commander gives you the flexibility to decide which configurations to
manage, while maintaining approved configurations for each access point.
AP Commander automatically updates new configurations on a per-access
point basis.

-- Flexible GUI Options
View only the information pertinent to you on top level screens while
exposing the appropriate data you need on drill-down screens.

-- Fast & Scalable
AP Commander can manage thousands of access points from a single, centrally
located server. For large networks, AP Commander can update full
configurations for over 100 access points in less than 30 minutes.

-- Dual Radio Support
Unlike other multi-vendor products that view dual radios as separate access
points, AP Commander recognizes multiple radios on a single device,
avoiding confusion and creating more accurate monitoring and reports.

-- Seamless Integration with other Roving Planet products
Use AP Commander with other Roving Planet products for a full security
suite. Set user-based security policies to control who, how, when, and
where devices can enter the network and correlate security events with
network activity from a single console.
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