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January 24, 2013 12:17 ET

Rowing from Senegal to Miami Test of Endurance for Equipment and Crew Alike

The Canadian Wildlife Federation's (CWF) Africa-to-the-Americas Expedition Relies on Panasonic Toughbooks for Research, Navigation and Communication

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 24, 2013) - Panasonic Canada equipment set-off on an expedition rowing across the Atlantic Wednesday as a partner with The Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) Africa to the Americas Expedition by supplying Toughbook notebook and tablet computers as well as Panasonic Lumix Digital camera equipment. It is a 100-day deep sea education and research rowing adventure which started the West African city of Dakar, Senegal to the shores of Miami, Florida.

The expedition will raise awareness for the United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation. Rowers from OAR Northwest, a non-profit organization specializing in Ocean Adventure Rowing and Education, hope to reach Miami before World Water Day on March 22, a journey of 6,700 kilometres.

"Panasonic is proud to support OAR Northwest in this extreme expedition by supplying two CF-31 rugged notebooks and two Toughpad tablets. The devices will be used for communication, navigation, and data research collection activities," says Susan Black, Director of Sales and Strategic Marketing, Computer and AV Solutions, Panasonic Canada Inc. "Panasonic has also provided a GH3 camera for the crew to capture images and video which will be shared during the expedition via a satellite interface and posted on the OAR Northwest website -"

The Panasonic Toughbooks and Lumix camera will perform a number of monitoring and recording functions that will be the foundation of the expedition. The crew will be measuring various data on sea conditions including currents, CO2 and pH levels, salinity and turbidity throughout the voyage. Special navigation software loaded on the Toughbooks will keep the expedition on course while the crew also uses the rugged computers to track their health and fitness on various scales during the arduous journey. School children will be able to learn and interact with the rowers through live connections. The crew will use their Toughbooks and Lumix to transmit live data and photos, and participate in real-time online discussions coordinated with educational curricula by using their CF-31 laptops.

Powered by wind and solar arrays, the Panasonic Toughbooks will also bring the crew much appreciated emails and words of encouragement from home.

"Reliable electronics are key to a successful ocean expedition, connecting rowers to classrooms and valuable ocean data to researchers thousands of miles away," says Adam Kreek, Expedition Member and Board Member of OAR Northwest. "Panasonic Toughbook technology keeps our minds at ease and communications, navigation and research equipment functioning at full capacity."

Adam Kreek, a Canadian Gold Medal Olympian, is undertaking this extreme challenge with three other rowers, Jordan Hansen, Markus Pukonen and Pat Fleming, to inspire young people to take up outdoor activities and experience the many faces of the natural world first hand. Using human power to propel the boat, and solar/wind power to charge its instruments and Panasonic equipment, the crew is conducting research on the ocean and themselves. "Our expedition will leave a positive legacy for science and the next generation of earthlings," added Kreek.

About Oar Northwest

Founded in 2005, OAR Northwest is a non-profit organization specializing in Ocean Adventure Rowing and Education. OARNorthwest connects with partners to propel youth, schools, community members and businesses to showcase the outdoors, marine habitat and healthy lifestyles. This motivates student learning about the outdoors, science, wildlife and physical education. Face-to-face interactions with expedition crew members, innovative online tracking technology and an adventure learning curriculum help OARNorthwest achieve these goals. For more information visit OAR Northwest has initiated other similar challenges including the 72-day Guinness World Record-setting North Atlantic Ocean Rowing Race win from New York to England in 2006 (first ever human-powered mainland USA to mainland UK crossing). In addition, in April 2012, they embarked on the CWF Salish Sea Expedition which circumnavigated Vancouver Island.

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